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Plus Size Fashion Rut

I have been wondering if maybe I’ve lost my flair for plus size fashion lately. I haven’t been getting excited about new things coming out, and at times it seems like maybe I’m even a little bit bored with the offerings of plus size retailers. Of course, I’m not actually bored with plus size fashion. …

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Spring Is Here!!!

I know, ya’ll. I can’t believe it’s happening either. I have come out of my hibernation cave and I am actually posting a plus size outfit on the blog! Ok truth be told, it’s not my best outfit. I forgot a purse. I didn’t zip up my booties, and in half the pictures we took …

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Welcome to the #FatGirlFlowFam

Did y’all know that we have an Instagram page dedicated to celebrating YOU!?!?! You can post any photo on Instagram with the #fatgirlflowfam to be featured on the FatGirlFlowFam page on Instagram!! This page is run by a community of fat babes that help keep everything running smooth! Our mods are all passionate about keeping …

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