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8 Places To Shop For Wide Width Sneakers

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If you have wide width or extra wide width feet, it is safe to say that shoe shopping is probably not your favorite activity. Just finding typical, everyday shoes is a challenge, so when you get more specific and want to buy a pair of sneakers that meet your specific activity needs, the world of wider width options feels so limited. Knowing how annoying this process can be firsthand, I have done a deep dive and compiled a list of 8 brands who are stepping up and making wide width sneakers that have a variety of styles and functions!

How do I know if I have a wide width foot? Unfortunately, there is not a standard width system in place across manufacturers, so much like with the rest of the clothing industry, it is best to measure your foot and follow the size charts of each brand as you shop.

How to measure foot width: First, you will place a ruler on the ground and orient it horizontally in front of you. Next, you will step onto the ruler with the ball of your foot (the widest part). Then you will measure the distance from one side of your foot to the other. Lastly, you will write down the number in inches and centimeters and refer to the retailer sizing charts as you shop. (

Shoe width sizing explained: You will likely see some different measurement methods used by different brands while you shop. Generally here is what to look for: “D” width is considered normal/standard for men’s shoes and wide for women’s shoes, “2E” width is considered a wide shoe for men’s shoes and extra wide for women’s shoes, “4E” width is considered extra wide for men’s shoes.(

Check out these wide width sneaker options!


Ryka prides itself on being the only athletic shoe brand solely dedicated to women and their specific shoe needs. They offer medium and wide width sneakers in a variety of styles. The “Shop by Activity” section on their website lists styles for more common activities like walking, running, hiking and training, as well as more unique activities like pickleball, dance & studio, and water sports.

New Balance

New Balance has been a staple sneaker brand since 1906. They offer a wide variety of men’s, women’s, and gender neutral sneaker options in sizes M3.5/W5-M18/W19.5 and in narrow, standard, wide, x-wide, and xx-wide widths. I love how New Balance doesn’t sacrifice style when creating their wide width sneaker options!


Kizik is a footwear brand that was founded more recently in 2017. This company is known for creating a “HandsFree Labs®️” Technology, that consists of an internal cage mechanism that makes slipping into pair of sneakers hands-free and far more accessible than a traditional sneaker. They have a variety of shoe styles, and their website does a great job of describing the function and activity level each style is best suited for. While they offer wide width sneakers in their Athens, Irvine, Vegas, Prague, Madrid Eco-Knit, Venice, and Wasatch styles, their Lima style is available in standard width, wide width (EE), and x-wide width (4E). On top of the Lima having their widest range of width options, it is also advertised as having enhanced ankle padding, a roomy fit in the toe box, and extra-breathable knit that gives it a comfortable, airy structure.


FitVille is a footwear brand creating ergonomic, great fitting shoes for everyone. Their website emphasizes how much they care about providing their customers with the best fitting, pain-free, and accessible shoes possible. A stand-out section of their website is the “Shop by Foot Condition” dropdown. It is so uncommon to see a brand not only cater to these specific needs, but to clearly prioritize them. FitVille has a great selection of wide width sneakers and extra wide width sneakers to choose from.

To view FitVille size charts for their different shoe styles, visit their website


HOKA sneakers first hit shelves back in 2009, but it wasn’t until we saw a big shift in the fashion and shoe industry to celebrate comfort that this unique shoe brand skyrocketed in mainstream popularity. This brand has tons of shoe styles available on their website, with a section entirely dedicated to wide width sneaker options. There are tons of color options from monochromatic white to rainbow — all in variations of their signature chunky vibe.


Comfortview prides themselves on making a variety of shoe options, including wide width sneakers, that have flexible soles, supportive insoles, padded footbeds, and are available in extended sizes and widths. Sizes range from 7 to 12 in standard width, wide width, and extra wide width!


When I hear the word Sketchers, I automatically think of the super cool light up shoes I used to want as a kid. I know they offer much more than that, but when I perused their website, had no idea just how many cool, innovative styles of shoes they offer. They have a large selection of wide width and extra wide width sneakers that range in style from hands-free slip ins to traditional athletic sneakers and more. They also have a section of their website dedicated to all the comfort technologies they offer, so you can find the perfect shoe for your needs!


Last but not least, we have Nike. Although they don’t have quite as large of a wide width sneaker selection as some of the other brands on this list, the options they do have are so highly rated (the Pegasus 40 style in particular) I couldn’t leave them off. Fingers crossed that Nike will continue to create more styles in wide and extra wide widths soon.

Alright my fellow wide width footed pals, that’s all for this roundup! I hope this list will help you the next time you are in the market for some wide width sneakers. Didn’t see your all-time favorites on the list? Comment below to tell other readers about them!

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