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Where To Shop For Plus Size Boho Clothing

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If you often find yourself humming Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and daydreaming about frolicking through an open field of wildflowers, where to shop for plus size boho clothing styles is likely already on your radar. Because finding plus size options for a specific style/aesthetic can be so challenging, we have dedicated this post to guide you through the dreamy plus size boho options out there waiting for you!  

What is Boho?

Bohemian, often also called ‘boho’ or ‘boho chic’, is a style that embodies a laid back, relaxed look that is deeply rooted in artistic expression. This style is most notable for loose-fitting, flowy pieces that layer bold prints, natural fabrics, a mix of textures, and statement jewelry. 

Where to Shop for Plus Size Boho Clothing

Here are six amazing online stores where you can find a wide range of beautiful plus size boho options:

Anthropologie | Sizes 3X-1X

Anthropologie is a brand that celebrates unique style and has lots of unique plus size boho pieces to choose from. Known for their flowy, textured pieces, they’re the plus size boho clothing staple store!

Vada Winter | Sizes 3XL-S

Vada Winter is what every prarie girl dreams of. A small business putting out new styles regularly, and sticking with trends not only in plus sizes but in the fashion-sphere. I’ve done a couple of hauls for VW on my Youtube channel. If you’re interested in fit, and how to style these pieces, take a peak at the video below! And get 20% off your purchase by clicking this link!

Ulla Popken | Sizes 38-12

The most beautiful thing about Ulla Popken is their size range. They outshine so many other brands by carrying boho clothing in sizes that don’t exist elsewhere and we are here for it! Snag a fringe top, or a flowing floral dress, and tell all your friends about these size options!

Able | Sizes 3X-XXS

Admittedly, I haven’t been able to try Able, but I’ve got my eye on a couple pieces and they are so beautiful I cannot wait to get them on my body! These pieces ring of true prarie princess goodness, and look exactly how a day here in Kansas feels.

Altar PDX | Sizes 6X-XS

Altar is another tried and true staple store in my closet. Their size range leaves all of us clamoring for their houseline pieces, and they do boho beautifully. Some of my most fond pieces in my closet are from this small business. You can even see me do a Youtube try on with them here!

Hayden LA | Sizes 3XL-S

Hayden LA is one of those stores that just screams “effortless cool”. Their pieces look like they’re ready for a day on the beach, a picnic, or a date night under the stars. Easy styles, with simple yet beautiful prints. What more could you ask for from a plus size boho clothing store?

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