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Plus Size Eyewear: Sol Kyst Sunglasses For Wide Faces

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Shopping for wide frame eyewear when you’re plus size is about as miserable as shopping for jeans in store. If you know you know. Luckily, brands like Sol Kyst are making plus size eyewear a little less painful to shop for – and I can’t wait to introduce you to them!

I heard about Sol Kyst from my perfectly targeted IG ads, and reached out to the brand to see if they’d like to show off their plus size eyewear to my audience. Lucky me, they were more than willing to send a few pairs over for review.

In a past life (jk, in my 20’s) I was an optician. I spent many years adjusting peoples glasses, teaching people how to care for their frames, picking out eyewear inventory, and selling people the perfect glasses for their face. I have seen a lot of sunglasses. My overwhelming opinion of the eyewear market is that the markups are high and the quality is waning. When I opened my Sol Kyst package I knew this brand was different.

Right when you receive your Sol Kyst sunglasses you notice how heavy and sturdy the acetate they’re made from is. The hinges are substantial and there’s no give when you try to move the temples – no fear of the ear pieces snapping off on these babies!

Sol Kyst makes 3 different sizes in all of their eyewear: Mini, Midi, and Wide. The Mini is 135mm wide, the Midi is 145mm, and the Wide is 158mm. To my surprise, some of their oversized styles even fit me in the Midi size.

Plus size eyewear isn’t easy to come by, and it’s a real pain to order online as well. You can see me try on many of the styles from their line in the video linked below. The video will give you a more holistic look at the brand and how they fit on a super wide face!

I am thrilled with my new sunglasses from Sol Kyst. I can’t believe I’ve been living this long without the perfect shades by my side, but not anymore! I hope you’ll all give them a go and see how luxurious and beautiful they are for yourselves!

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