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Fatgirlflow Finds: Fabulous Wide Width Shoes You’ll Love at

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Ever feel like Cinderella’s evil stepsisters when it comes to finding wide width shoes? You squeeze your foot into that cute pair you saw online, only to have your toes feeling busted and your ankles rolling? I’ve been there. But those days are over, thanks to the fabulous folks at Wydr Studios!

Wydr Studios is all about wide width shoes for the plus size babe who refuses to compromise on style or comfort. They get it – our feet come in all shapes and sizes, and that shouldn’t stop us from rocking fierce footwear. They offer a selection of boots, heels, flats, and loafers, all designed with wider feet in mind. No more squeezing your toes into torture chambers!

Inclusivity and Body Positivity? You Betcha!

But Wydr Studios is about more than just wide-fit shoes. They’re a brand that celebrates inclusivity and body positivity. They believe that every body type deserves to look and feel fabulous, and their wide width shoes are designed to reflect that. They embrace diversity in their models and marketing, and their website is a breath of fresh air – no more unrealistic body standards here!

So what are we wearing with our Wydr Studio shoes?

Check out our outfit ideas for some of their new spring styles below!

Admittedly, I have been hesitant about re-accepting flats into my life. But the second I tried these on I was all in again. These flats are so comfortable and are the perfect all day footwear.

Sunglasses | Dress | Bag | Flats | Earrings

These loafers aren’t just for workwear (though they’re perfect for that too). Try them with a short skirt and cute socks, rolled up boyfriend jeans and a tank top, or your favorite little black dress. Seriously, they’re perfect with so much more than you’d imagine.

Loafers | Pants | Blouse | Bag

I shared these overalls on IG and realized that we’re all coveting the perfect overall outfit! And this is it. These sandals are so comfy and moveable, and we’ll be wearing this outfit weekly all Spring and Summer long.

Sandals | Overalls | Tank Top | Sunglasses | Bag

I put these platform sandals on and felt like dancing! I was instantly the disco queen, and needed to party! Wear these dressed up or down, but never let these shoes be in the background!

Sandals | Dress | Bracelet | Bag

Sweet moments with classic mary jane style slingbacks are going to be all the rage this season – trust us! You’re going to see this style popping up on your social media feeds over and over again. With cute socks, rolled up jeans, sweet Summer dresses. You’re going to need a pair of these babies to round out your wide width shoe collection

Slingback | Dress | Jacket | Bag | Sunglasses

Stepping Into A Fashion-Forward Future

Wydr Studios is more than just a shoe company; they’re a movement. They’re on a mission to create a fashion-forward world where everyone feels confident and beautiful, regardless of their shoe size. And honey, we’re here for it!

So ditch the wide width shoe drama and head over to Wydr Studios. Treat your feet to some gorgeous, comfortable shoes that were made to fit your fabulous curves. You deserve it!

P.S. Let me know in the comments what your favorite Wydr style is! I’m obsessed with their over-the-knee boots!

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