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Fat self love

Fat Sex & Intimacy

Alright, babes we’re going to get right into this fat sex thing… and hopefully it’ll help get you into it too KNOW WHAT I MEAN?!?!? Let’s start with this – all bodies. ALL BODIES. Have differing needs. We’re going to talk about fat bodies in this article, but let it be known that fat bodies …

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Fuck Being Healthy

“I don’t care what you look like as long as you’re healthy” We’ve all heard it. Many of us have nodded along in agreement, quietly disengaging from the well-intentioned person saying it. I wonder how many of you stay quiet, like myself. I feel the words bubbling up in my chest every time, but they …

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This week on Instagram I was told something about my body positivity that people like to throw out pretty often. I’m told that body positivity is ok, however “glorifying obesity” is dangerous. I of course responded with something short and snarky, because people on the internet that like to harass me do not get to …


Self Love On Tough Days

[wc_row][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”] [/wc_column][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”last”] [/wc_column][/wc_row] This post may contain affiliate links. Affiliate links allow to earn commission on products we recommend. All opinions are our own.  A few days ago I posted something on instagram about our perceptions of ourselves in photos and selfies. I have this theory that if we could always …

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