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  1. Best body powder … Fromunda powder. Yes it has a horriable name and is marketed for men, but don’t let that keep you from trying it. It’s talc free, and they have an unsented version. It is a little pricey compared to using drugstore products. But so incredibly worth it. I live in the south, we have extremely hot and humid summers. I use to have major issues with heat rash under my boobs and belly roll. Haven’t had a single issue since I found this.

  2. I’m hoping someone here might know a product…

    I’m a fat femme person, and I’d like to wear skirts in public in the summer. But I’ve got sweaty thighs (to the point where I always worry about leaving little puddles / damp marks on chairs when I get up). I’m terrified of having awkward visible sweat stains on the back of the skirt. So I wear jeans and long tops, and I suffer when it’s hot and humid.

    I’ve got good lightweight “chub rub” shorts. I’ve got skirts. I just feel like I need some kind of slip or liner that can wick the worst of the sweat away, or block it, or ??

    Any ideas?


    1. I have the same problem too! I wear dresses and skirts all the time and always worry about the dreaded sweat mark when I get up and the even more embarrassing sweat drip. You’re not alone. Any ideas would be awesome!

  3. I’ve been thin my whole life until about 3 years ago. I think my weight issues are genetic because my mom packed on weight at the same age. Well here I am all uninformed on pretty much everything from shopping for nice clothes to (I live in the south too) trying to fight the odors that seems to develop somewhere between my shower and the next 2 hours. I’m a clean person and I cannot stand to smell bad but I go to the grocery store and come home smelling like I’ve been sweating at the gym for 48 hours. I just don’t get it. I feel super uncontrollable in public and my self esteem has become nonexistent. I can’t find clothes that fit well and look good… I see so many beautiful bigger ladies and wander where they learned to put together the right outfits and makeup is on point and just well put together but I look I never learned to dress myself. They’re Melissa McCarthy ( gorgeous) and I’m the weird lady eating two combo meals at the dmv… I can’t lose weight so I’ve gotta learn new ways. I don’t mean to offend anyone if I have I just really need help 🙁

    1. Hey Mary, it can be really hard when our bodies change suddenly (or even slowly). You’re in the right place, and there are lots of resources here. If you have facebook you can also follow the conversations we have over there at This community is really wonderful and there are lots of people/resources there to help!

    2. @Mary,
      You might try Catherine’s. Their sizes run from 0x to 5x and run slightly larger then the same sizes you might find in other stores. For instance, their 2x would correspond to a 3x in certain other department stores. You can probably check their website to find out if they have any stores near where you live. They carry everything from dressy clothes to jeans and t-shirts, bathing suits (seasonally), pajamas (really comfortable) and some dresses, jewelry, and of course bras and underwear and some shoes and in the wintertime some coats. Hope this helps!

    3. @Mary, Hi it’s a year later and I hope you were able to find clothes in the bigger department that look nice. If not I have a few suggestions; Torrid, Ashley Stuart, Lane Bryant, Ross and Rainbow. These stores are very reasonably priced and the workers will help you put together really nice outfits..

    4. Hi Mary, I know you posted this a long time ago. I hope you are doing better! I just wanted to tell you about Torrid. They have some awesome plus size clothes all the way up to like 5x. I know how hard it is to find plus size clothes that aren’t “grandma” looking . Torrid has a very modern style and something for everyone. I used to shop at Lane Bryant but their styles became to frumpy for me. So I’m glad I’ve found torrid. Yes they can be pricy but they also have amazing sales. That’s when I do most of my shopping. Anyway, I hope that helps. Keep your head up.

  4. Thank you so much for your this great information! My sweet, beautiful, fat niece is struggling with coming of age hygiene. Her parents have their own fat stigmas and I’m working, along with my parents (niece’s grandparents), to build her up and not feel like fat is is a bad word. Trouble is, I’m little and don’t have personal perspective on hygiene. Can you recommend any books for young (she’s 10) fat women? We want her to feel healthy and clean and beautiful and comfortable in her skin! I’m totally open to any advice you have for me, our family, my niece, resources.. and to pay you for a consult!
    Thank you so much,

    1. @Mokey, I struggled very much at that age especially. If Embrace is still on Netflix, watch it together!!!!!

  5. A product to add!
    It’s made by Monistat, the same company treating yeast infections and such, but this is not that!
    It’s their Chafing relief powder/ anti chafing gel, and it’s great.
    Use it to avoid dreaded chub rub and especially under a pannus (tummy flap) to help keep it dry under there without feeding yeast (as powders can). A little goes a long way.
    Under a sweaty pannus: lift and cleanse in the shower like described with your product suggestions, then lift and pat dry, even use a cool hair dryer under there when you’re done to get dry. Then apply a thin layer of the gel. Genius! No more smelly rash of panniculitis.
    I’ve treated many patients with this method and had them return to hug me in tears, because it works! A must traveling to places like Florida.

  6. Under Swimmies have saved my world! They are not shapewear, just a nice soft pair of thin lingerie shorts to go under a skirt or dress to avoid the chub rub. I am in the South and I do not want hot rolly shapewear. I didn’t notice as much sweating, but would add some talc beneath, etc. I love them!

    1. @Cybelle, any sort of form fitting bike shorts should work. I would NEVER wear a dress or skirt without shorts underneath. No amount of powder or anti-chafing gel is enough protection or comfort IMO. For more casual wear, when I don’t care about compression or shaping, I just use light cotton shorts. I’ve had good luck on Amazon and Old Navy.

  7. OMG!!! I recently read this post and decided to try the Remedy soap and it has been LIFE CHANGING. I can’t wait to see how it does this summer when I really start to sweat! Next on my list are the foot scrubber and the tummy/bra liners!

  8. I get yeast infections On my neck. With or without shoulder length hair. I do have a prescription anti fungal for when I get it, but any ideas on how to stop it from happening?

  9. I am SO trying that remedy soap!!! I dealt with the absolute worst infection on the back of my knee where I have a hanging fold last year. It started as a yeast infection in the folds, progressed to a full on staph AND strep infection and took over 3 months to heal after developing an open wound. It was HORRIBLE, and I’ve been so conscious of my skin care since then to avoid a repeat. Something that just keeps the bacteria at bay should go great with my obsessive drying habits after I shower. Thank you for discussing uncomfortable but real topics!!!

  10. Thank you for your blog! I found several products and have already ordered them. You provide a great service to us overweight people!

  11. Any suggestions for preventing UTI? I experience frequent UTI- my round shape is hard to clean but additionally when I shower I have to bend over to rinse which causes the water flow to send the bacteria where it should not. I have heard that use of a bidet also increases risk of UTI.

    1. @Heather, things that blast water from back to front could send bacteria into the wrong areas and cause UTI. A hand held water bottle that you apply from the front so that water direction moves from front to back would probably be a safer choice for the toilet. The detachable shower nozzle would serve this purpose while bathing.

  12. I have been very heavy for a few years now, but I’m the past few months it’s gotten to the point where I am struggling with mobility issues in keeping myself clean. I’ve been so ashamed, but right now I’m feeling less alone. I truly, honestly, whole heartedly appreciate your work!!!

  13. Glad to find your site. Looking for pantyliners for sneezing and getting out of chairs. This grandma is 74.

  14. Hi… I’m so excited to see these products and know your site is Really Real! Looking forward to checking out your advice and product referrals ,

  15. I have a chronic skin condition called hidradenitis suppurativa. It settles into places where there are folds and where it is damp. I want/need to walk as exercise, but the irritation in my “groin” area, between my legs and my stomach apron, is bad. Is there any way to protect that area from irritation? Can’t use talcum powder anymore.

    1. @KG, I find the product “Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel” really effective at keep down chafing between my thighs when I’m wearing a skirt. If you Google “chub rub” you’ll find other products recommended too, but I stick to what I know.

      But if the pain is from HS, I’m not sure that stuff will help. It should lower friction, but if you’ve got a tender bump, I know first hand that’s going to hurt like crazy, even if there isn’t chafing against it.

      I haven’t found a solution for that yet, unfortunately. Some people swear by putting Vicks Vaporub on unbroken bumps, I’m not sure if it helped me. Some people like Manuka honey on open bumps. I’ve found hydrocolloid bandages (without honey) can help on small/medium draining bumps, you can buy the bandages online and cut them to size.

      My case varies between mild to moderate, I would say my most effective treatments have been going on birth control, and eating less dairy, but it’s personal, and not helpful when you currently have a flare up. I’m wishing you all the luck, I know it sucks.

      (I actually found this site by googling HS & bidet – mine is in that area, and I wondered if anyone has found a bidet helpful. I might try it.)

  16. Hi! Wondering how y’all use powder? Lol. I’m new to it and wanted to give it a try, but do you wait until you are dry to dust yourself? Damp? I’d think it would get funky (like dough) if you did it wet? Let me know! Thank you 🙂

    1. @Michelle, personally, I swear by Gold Bond Medicated Powder. I put it on when I am totally dry (you are right, otherwise it gets caked) and it keeps the area under my tummy drier. It helps alot with rashes (it produces a cold, tingly feeling for the first few minutes). I’ve not tried other powders so I can’t speak to those.

    2. @Michelle, Hi! I recommend drying off completely first. I like to use a towel and then a small fan or hair dryer.Then apply powder.
      I prefer the Felce Azzura powder, you can get it from Walmart online. Nice clean scent and feels luxurious.

    3. @Ruthie,
      Yayus in the Gold Bond!!!!
      It is a pain to have to dry the area thoroughly, but a soft cotton bath sheet (super large towel) after a shower, or a soft wash cloth (bamboo washcloth rocks if you find one on sale!) after a quick wash up to dry then powder up! It is both curative and preventative for fungus/yeast. Been using it for three years now.

    4. @Michelle, I only use Cornstarch babypowder . And only when I’m very dry after a shower in the folds. Talc powder is dangerous for females.

  17. FatGuy here. Great site, just what I needed.
    I have a toilet seat height extender due to knee surgeries. Do you think the bidet attachment would work?
    Been suffering with horrible rash under my apron belly. I finally broached the subject with my pharmacist and she told me it was a yeast infection. She told me to use store brand of Lamasil, just started yesterday.
    Could you recommend a hygiene procedure? I ordered the Remedy Soap. How would I use the Monistat anti-chafing gel?
    You are a God-send

    1. Hi Greg! Using a barrier method in between showers can help a LOT. I like using mega babe anti chafe stick under my belly and it helps keep any rash and irritation at bay

    2. @Greg, I use vinegar in the summer to stay from any issues. So, once that clears up, you might want to give that a go. Just put some on a rag and wipe clean the area. You can even make your own vinegar wipes by taking a paper towel roll, removing the middle cardboard, putting the towels, as they are, into a gallon size ziplock bag, and pouring a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar directly into the towels. Two cups worth should do it, unless you live someplace dry, like AZ, then try three cups. The moist wipes will allow you to stay clean between showers. I use them on my apron belly, under my breasts, and other creases and bits. Works great. The only drawback is the smell, so you might want to try adding some essential oils. Tea tree oil is a great add to it. It smells great, and it is antiseptic.

    3. @Greg, I use babypowder with cornstarch to keep the rashes away but if I do get one I use any yeast cream but I alway put something dry between the layers . Cream on cream can cause even worse issues. So i will put the cream on and get strong soft tissue between the layer and it’s usually gone in a few days . Just sure its a yeast infect not a skin infection. The yeast ones can be very itchy.

    4. @Greg, I bought a Aquas bidet sprayer that is so easy to install. You attach the sprayer to the water line and it hangs on the side. I have it in each of my bathrooms. I also carry a battery operated bidet sprayer when I am not at home. As for as the rash under the folds I have a great powder that works fantastic and it smells fresh and not “perfumy” or “mediciny”. It was recommended to me from a Wound Nurse. Its from Medline Remedy – Phytoplex Antifungal Powder with 2% Miconazole Nitrate. Its organic and the whole line is fantastic and has helped me so much.

  18. I was ashamed to even google how obese women keep clean. I find this site informative. I see that I am not alone. I love my body but I don’t feel as fresh as I want. So, thanks.

  19. What do people use at the top of the legs/groin where underwear sits and it all rubs together? I am having trouble with that area. I used to use powder, but had too much trouble getting the area dry before applying the powder, so switched to large amounts of unscented lotion. It works well, but it feels a bit odd having it all ‘goey’ up there all day. If that makes sense to anyone?! I had a physical therapy appointment and the therapist had to reach in that area to work on a muscle and I was so embarrassed and mortified she touched this slimy mess. Ugh! lol

    1. @Sabrina, I have always sprayed Dove deodorant in those areas. Something with an antiperspirant in it helps to keep it dry. I always carry a trial size with me to refresh. Also, there are brands out there for regular excessive sweating of pits, hands,feet etc., that usually have deodorant wipes that you put on at before bed(to give it time to work) that last quite a few days. My daughter said they work great and are unscented. Hope this helps you a little bit.

    2. @Teri, thank you so much! I’ve been worried about using deodorant there but I will try it out. I shower daily but if don’t use something I would end up with that dreaded funky smelly yeast. I take it you have to be completely dry before adding that? That’s why I have ended up using moisturizer since I didn’t have to use a hairdryer to get dry first.

    3. @Sabrina, I find that the boy shorts style of underwear are more comfortable because there’s no leg band right up there in your business. Also, try a blow dryer on low to get the area dry. Hope that helps!

  20. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for the informative articles. I received an email from y’all. Not sure why, but SOOOOO Happy I did. I’m a little on the heavy side, but not too bad. However, my husband is extremely overweight and there are so many things you provided info on that he can use. But, my favorite item you talked about was the Stomach Liners. I had a C-Section in 2005 and my incision still hasn’t healed and still bleeds to this day because it just won’t stay dry in order to do so. And Yuck, the odor that seems to just pop up within 10 mins of

  21. Can we have a serious conversation about how much it sucks to shave your legs while being fat? I hate it and I only do it a few times a year in the summer if I’m going swimming. Does anyone have any suggestions on shaving methods that would help me dread this process a little less?

    1. @Bethany Meisberger,

      I shave on my bed. Here’s how: One spray bottle with hair conditioner, and enough water to make it sprayable; half and half would probably work. I use a new razor each time, which saves on nicks.

      I place a clean dry towel on the bed, stretch my leg out on it, and use a moist washcloth to moisten my leg. I spray conditioner into my hand and rub onto my leg. I carefully use the razor upward, only once. I usually do a few inches across and use the wet washcloth to clean the razor. (Note- this will ruin your washcloth, so don’t use one you like.)

      Once I’ve done my entire leg, (you may have to stand up to do the back) I use the wet washcloth to clean the conditioner off, and check for strays. Then I rinse and twist the washcloth, dry that leg with the towel, and do the other leg.

      I also use this method for underarms, although you have to use less conditioner as it makes the hair harder for the razor to grab otherwise. The great news is that the conditioner works like a moisturizer, and you smell great afterwards! Hope that helps!

  22. great tips 🙂 i’m realizing the first step towards meaningful health improvements is loving and caring for the body that i’m in.

  23. I have a lot of the same issues talked about. You guys have given me a lot of information and ideas to try out.
    Thank You

  24. Hi I didn’t really know who to ask about this and its kind of an embarrassing question but I feel comfortable asking you since you have answered most of my other questions through your posts, and I feel like you are very judgement free, so here it goes, I am a fat black person and I was wondering if I should shower daily or every other day, I have an active job in a kitchen and like to walk outside so I get sweaty but i don’t really smell but I keep hearing different things like you should only shower 3 times a week or you should shower everyday, what is your opinion? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask!
    Have a great day and thank you!

    1. ultimately, you get to decide what fits your needs! I think you have to balance what you’re capable of physically, what you have the emotional bandwidth for, and how necessary a shower is each day. It may not be an exact *every other* or *ever day* situation, ya know? I say shower when it feels right!

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