Fat Sex & Intimacy

January 16, 2019 No Comments

Fat Sex & Intimacy

January 16, 2019 No Comments

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Alright, babes we’re going to get right into this fat sex thing… and hopefully it’ll help get you into it too KNOW WHAT I MEAN?!?!?

Let’s start with this – all bodies. ALL BODIES. Have differing needs. We’re going to talk about fat bodies in this article, but let it be known that fat bodies are in no way abnormal or weird. It is 100% normal to make accommodations for ALL bodies. So we’re not going to be hating our bodies or feeling like there’s something wrong with us. This isn’t about that. It’s about knowing that accessibility is valid and you’re worthy of it!

You’re going to have to communicate

I’m not saying it’s easy, in fact I kind of hate this part of relationships. But I can answer 99% of every fat sex question I get with this answer. You’ve got to communicate. Seriously. If something is uncomfortable for you, say so. And when someone tells you something isn’t working for them don’t let your ego get in the way – think of solutions.

You don’t need to have a deep connection with someone to be able to tell them that it’s ok to move your flesh around. If you’re having sex with them, they know what your body looks like. Help them out, give your lover some hints, and let them know what feels good.

Hygiene Concerns

Everyone some times gets scared that they’re going to smell funny. The amount of cruel jokes about fat people being smelly probably aren’t helping plus size babes have great fat sex. But here’s the deal – bodies are odorous. Your is. Mine is. And so is everyone else’s. Unless you’re fresh out of the shower (which could be great foreplay!), there’s a chance you’ll be ripe. That’s ok.

I don’t generally support the use of flushable wipes because it turns out they’re terrible for the environment. However, they’re a great way to feel ready for a romp at any moment. No need to get fancy scented ones. Unscented are great and will get rid of any funk you might be afraid of. I also love the MegaBabe products and use a swipe of thigh rescue on my bikini line and under my breasts to keep me fresh and friction free.

If you need more info on fat hygiene check out ComfyFat’s post. There’s tons of info on accessible ways to make sure your’e always feeling fresh!

Make It Accessible

Set a chair next to the edge of the bed, use pillows to support yourself, buy sex toys!

Nothing is off limits when it comes to accessibility. While I could tell you a million ways that my partner and I make it work, it will ultimately be up to you and whoever you’re having sex with to talk about what works for you.

A few really important items that I think are essential for fat couples are a vibrating wand, a wedge pillow, and a plus size harness. Ya’ll – the world is your oyster when it comes to toys. Spend some time on a couple sites and see what they have to offer! And if you’re looking for reviews, check out the video below. I answer a couple more questions and show off a few toys!

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