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  1. I have caught myself defending my fatness with the normal excuses about how I am healthy, or always trying to lose weight. Making myself an acceptable fat body. And I hate it. My health is no one’s concern. It is not a determining factor in my value. My body lets me walk the oceanfront, play with my dogs, and fuck like a goddamn queen. My body is beautiful and I am tired of having to add qualifiers to that.

  2. I -pink puffy heart- this so much.
    – This I sat through my aunts birthday dinner listening to my grandma refuse to eat any ice cream. She said, “Damnit, I am going to die skinny.” This was coming from someone who was 50+ years old, successful, creative and beautiful. And all she was focused on was being skinny. Across from her sat my great grandmother, who during my life I watched shrink from a size 18 down to a size 2/4. I watched her starve herself, pop diet pills, and body dismorphia. She is my GREAT grandmother, and it 75+ years old.
    – I grew up being told I looked like a linebacker, and that I had thunder thighs. I was told to stop stuffing my face, and to quit eating like a pig. These are things I literally heard my entire life. Even as I sit here an write this, I want to defend my fatness and make it acceptable. I played sports all through school, I was really strong, I ate healthy, etc. Which are all true, but have nothing to do with my size. During high school I lost 30+ pounds from starving myself, and taking as many ibuprofen as possible. I cried myself to sleep because I never felt good enough.
    – BUT over the past few years I have started following body positive bloggers, and have decided to love myself. I have to limit my time with certain people, and always remind myself that I MUST love myself because it is no one else’s job to. You have easily been the person I could connect with most and I can’t even begin to explain how comforting this article is.
    Sending lots of -pink puffy hearts- your way.

    1. Aw thank you so so much for the love Taylya!!!!! I think your grandmothers are really good examples of the importance our society truly puts on thinness, which conversely means hatred for fatness. It’s not easy loving yourself in that kind of environment and you should be super proud of yourself… I’m way proud ofyou!!!! <3

  3. I needed this like burning today. I’m still learning to love my body, and it does me a world of good to hear someone smack down that “you can *kind* of like yourself, I guess, if you have to, as long as you see it’s still kinda wrong” talk. Thank you!

  4. It is so good to read those words, i’m also tired of people who says ( maybe kindly but…) “she’s curvy because she gave birth to 46 kids, it’s not her fault” or ” she’s curvy even if she’s not eating that much , poor her”…Well , NO i’m fat because my body is like that, i shouldn’t have to be “forgive” to be like that .

  5. I love the line “I am glorifying the rebellion I live each day while loving this body”. That resonates with me so strongly. I struggle with loving my body for a number of reasons and every day I wake up and make the decision to keep up the rebellion and struggle to love the body I have. Thank you for this.

  6. Thank you! I love this!
    I found your blog after i read an article on bustle that you were featured in ( And can i just say, how glad i am that i found you and those other beautiful women!
    Im a 160kg (350 pound) australian who has hated herself almost my entire life, a couple of years ago i said to myself, who cares and i started not caring about my weight and was actually happy! recently ive started hating on myself again and i am about at the end of my rope, severe depression and self harm because of the hatred that fills my thoughts. i find myself here tonight, reading through articles and blogs of women my size, sending out positive body love to the millions of women who desperately need it and i find tears in my eyes because i feel hope for the future, not only that but i can actually see a future for myself, as i am because i dont need to change! i am who i am and who i am maybe large but i am also beautiful, i have a huge belly but i also have a huge heart, i may have rolls but i can also have confidence. i want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you to you and all those beautiful big bloggers out there, youve have saved my life tonight. i am going to wake up tomorrow put on a sundress that doesnt cover my big legs and i am going to go out into the world with a smile as big as my body…. So much love to you!

    1. Nikki I’m so glad you ended up on my blog and I’m so thankful to hear your story!!!! Thank you for all the love and support and for bringing the body positive message into your own life <3 <3 <3

  7. It’s been wonderful to find people who are like me today on this blog. I pray that you will grow from strength to strength. We are beautiful too!

  8. I am and have pretty much always been overweight. I have never loved my body. I may like certain parts of it, but as a whole, I never had a love affair with my rolls. In the last few years, I have come to find several fat admirers who made feel a little less excluded, in a sexual sense, but I still could not stop hating what stares at me in the mirror. One day I stumbled upon Corissa’s blog and had a nice long read. I stalked her pictures and fell in love with how comfortable she is with her obesity. It made me think and consider, could I also be ok with mine? I look at her pictures and several other plus sized women and xonstantly compare myself and tell myself that I could never look good in that outfit. I found Torrid and began making a transformation. I have started wearing things that I like instead of things that will cover my fat belly. I still look in the mirror and critique myself but it’s getting a little easier. The clothes make me feel edgier, sexier, and a little more accepting of my body. I have never glorified obesity because I have been conditioned to hate it. It has been ingrained in me that I am less because of my obesity. And recently my obesity has caught up with me in the form of Type II Diabetes, sleep apnea and my joints finally caving to more than twice the weight they were made to carry. I have decided to get gastric bypass so that I am able to see my children grow up and see my grandchildren. Obesity is ok. I would have loved to have been able to love myself and my body much earlier than I did, but eventually, it catches up to you. All I’m saying is, love yourself enough to know that it’s ok to be big and love yourself but also know that eventually the party ends.

    1. Shanie, things happen to bodies. Some times really not fun, uncomfortable things. My body has been through a lot. I’ve had an eating disorder that ravaged my insides, I’ve battled mental illness, at one point (at my thinnest) I developed metabolic syndrome and had to go on medication for diabetes. My body, at all stages of being unwell, still deserved to be glorified. Still deserved to be put on a pedestal. Just as yours does while you go through all these difficult things.

      I know it’s hard when something uncomfortable happens with our bodies. We look to what we did or how we did it and try to blame ourselves. But our bodies are just like any other relationship we have… we work with what we got and we do the best we can for ourselves. And loving ourselves IN THIS MOMENT, is the only way we can know what is best for our bodies. The point of glorifying obesity is not to ignore your body and it’s internal cues, but to become more loving and accepting of who you are and able to make decisions for your body through love and acceptance and not through shame and hatred.

      I hope that you continue to glorify your body in all of it’s shapes, in all of it’s various stages of wellness, and through any difficult times it may face. I hope you continue to love who you are, and who you have been, in the future. If you’re doing what you believe is right for yourself, the party never ends <3

  9. I’m still learning to love all of me. Including my fat belly and thick thighs. It’s a journey and not always easy. It’s hard to break out of the mind frame I’ve been put in by others for so many years.
    Thank you for being a voice for us, for helping us learn to love ourselves.

  10. Thank you so much! I needed this…
    I make piddly youtube videos for fun. I’ve taken them down now… but when I used to do workout video reviews.. I always added disclaimers or explanations for my body. I cried about it on a few occasions, but I never could find the right words for myself on why this was an issue. I always went out of my way to tell people I was trying to be healthy and they should be as well. Thank you! It’s not- of anyone’s god damn business about my health or size. I should have NEVER felt guilty about it in the first place. In the future.. I am not making any apologies. Thank you 🙂

    1. It’s so ingrained in us to apologize for our bodies, and it’s just complete BS. YOU ARE WONDERFUL and your body is too. I’m sure those videos were lovely, and if you start posting them again please come back and tell me about it!!! <3

  11. Nice to see someone talking positive about fat bodies without singling out one type of fat body shape as being better or more preferred than others..

    1. I, too, love to glorify my obesity! I may not look it but according to my doctor I’m killing myself slowly. .. Better than quickly I like to say. I’m healthy and I may not be happy at my current weight but I don’t want to be skinny… I don’t want to look like I belong in a third world country which is how my body was designed. I wish more people could understand that not everyone is built to be a size 6… I love reading this blog for so many reasons besides giving me a reason to embrace my body and my self!

  12. I found your blog last night and adore it, you, and this post! I struggled with my weight for years and with my feelings about my weight even longer and your blog is an inspiration to me in my struggle to love me and my body at any and every size, regardless of the opinions of others including my doctor. Keep being glorious honey!!

  13. I’ve been getting really into body positivity lately, and the most common thing I hear from people is that all body positivity is is glorifying obesity and unhealthiness. Every single time I have to reply something that should be pretty self evident, I think. It’s none of anyone else’s goddamn business how healthy, unhealthy, fat, skinny, or fucking purple you are. Do they really think that because they said something hateful and mean that I’m gonna go and drop 20 pounds just to please them? I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain that everyone has a right to be happy and to love themselves, no matter what. Thank you for being so unapologetically you, and helping me to find that in myself as well.

  14. It’s like when people say “ Sweetie no! You’re not fat!” When someone obviously is. Fat doesn’t equal bad. It just means fat

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