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Winter To Spring Workwear

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Continuing with our plus size workwear outfits from our capsule wardrobe is today’s transitional Winter to Spring look. Everyone can use a lightweight sweater between seasons because let’s be real: the weather can usually not decide where it wants to be for a good while. We love a casual sweater like this one and adding a blazer on top to dress it up a bit is the perfect way to add a professional touch for the workday.

Plus Size Lightweight Spring Sweater

The best part about a sweater is that no sweater is exactly the same; you can find a lightweight and fun one like this rainbow sweater, or something a little more subdued like this yellow one. Now, all you have to do is choose which one you want in your wardrobe, which, we know, is easier said than done.

Trendy Plus Size Black Blazer

Nothing says professional but also cute like a blazer. If you dig the boho/effortless look, something like this velvet blazer may be for you. Looking to dazzle in a tuxedo-style blazer of your butch dreams? That’s out there too.

Staple Plus Size Denim

Thank the heavens that 2020 business casual includes denim. Thank the heavens again for plus size high-waisted denim with a fun distressed wash. Or maybe you like to keep it classic with a medium-wash. No matter what you choose, jeans make the workday so much more comfortable.


The absolute best part of accessories is that you can choose what you want to invest a whole lot of money in and what you’d rather pick up in the line on the way to checkout from those cute little dollar bins. We’ve picked out some pricey and not so pricey items so that you can get an idea of what you might be interested in here! Go wild.

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