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Stylish Plus Size Workwear Outfit

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Got a big presentation? Need to look in control of your work situation but also make sure you’ll be warm in the office? A classy skirt is the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe because it takes a t-shirt and denim jacket to a new level of professionalism.

Classy Plus Size Pencil Skirt

We love a burgundy skirt. It’s a great way to move from a Winter to Spring color pallet! The great thing about skirts is that you can choose the style that you prefer. Maybe you want a flowy knee-length skirt. Or maybe a mini-skirt with a belt is more your speed. Whichever it is, a skirt brings a workwear outfit to life.

Staple Plus Size Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are a lifesaver because they go with almost everything. They are offered in many different price points and comfort levels, too. Maybe you’ll go for something with some distressing on the sleeves or maybe something more classic.

Comfy Plus Size White Tee

Okay, we know you’re already thinking about spilling coffee on this but hear us out-a basic tee is a lifesaver for a capsule wardrobe. Worried your spills will be too visible? Striped tee. Got one of those stain remover sticks in your work bag? Maybe a v-neck tee is for you. Not a coffee drinker or a chronic spiller? We envy you.


There are so many different pairs of loafers out there to choose from! Each has its own unique style and price point too. You can make this look more casual with some fun scrunchies, add a necklace to dress it up some more, or bring a different bag. The accessories are where you really make a look your own.

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