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Plus Size Workwear for Spring

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This plus size workwear outfit from our capsule wardrobe is my perfect work day ensemble. Comfy pants, layers, and shoes that don’t involve a heel. Plus size workwear doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or wildly expensive. You can pick what pieces you want to spend a pretty penny on (a good plus size blazer is worth it’s weight in gold!), and which to save a little on (ahem, white tees you’ll inevitably stain). All of the images below can be clicked to shop them – have fun finding your perfect combo!

Plus Size Plaid Pants

The H&M plaid plus size pants featured in the above collage have elastic, in my book that makes them perfect. If you’re looking for something with a little more color Avenue has several great colorful pull on plaid options!

Perfect Plus Size Blazer

Each year I tell myself I’ll invest in a great blazer, and each year I get stuck trying to figure out what “perfect” means to me. This year I decided my perfect blazer is a bit baggy and boyish. I found it at Universal Standard (like the one on the right below). You can change it up by getting a more fitted blazer or even play with different textiles like the velvet one from modcloth below!

Everyday plus size white tee

You’re going to spill something on this. Bleach is your friend. Alternatively, you could go with stripes or a dark color if you just can’t take the chance!


Some of the accessories featured are super expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the look! You can have a statement bag without the budget, or you can up your loafer game and go for something pricey! The choice is yours!

So how would you create this plus size workwear look? If you need lots more inspiration head over to our capsule wardrobe tag where we’ll be posting a new outfit every day for the next 29 days (this is our first one outfit!!!). Can’t wait to share what we’ve created tomorrow!

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