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Wink Bed Review For Plus Size People

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Introducing… WINK BEDS!

I have been so excited to write this Wink bed review. Let’s get to it! Wink Beds are made by hand the second you order one. Your mattress was specifically designed by skilled professionals. Based in Wisconsin, each mattress is made to order and shipped directly to you, cutting the cost of the middle man showroom. They offer 4 different firmness options, marketing their firmest as the “plus” option – the bed for heavier people.

What makes this bed great?

If you have always loved traditional innerspring mattresses, this bed is for you. It takes the bed you grew up with and elevates it to an incredibly supportive, comfortable, and durable sleeping experience. Wink has a 3 step back relief system which eliminates tension and aligns the spine. The triple layer heat dispersement actively wicks away heat from the body and the cool control base keeps the temperature controlled. One of the things I love the most about this bed is that it did not stink up our bedroom for days on end after being delivered. There was none of that weird manufacturing smell that so many pieces of furniture come with.

Is it comfy?

Overwhelmingly the biggest complaint I hear about plus size mattresses is that they are “just a normal mattress made excessively firm”. Not Wink. This bed still has some give to it. It has a pillow top layer that makes staying in bed and snuggling on Saturday mornings hard to resist. It’s great for side and tummy sleepers because it conforms to your body so that it’s perfectly cradled.

After sleeping on the bed for 3 months, myself and my partner (a combined weight of nearly 900 lbs) had no significant impressions in the bed. Neither of us felt that incessant pull to our own groove, and felt like we could freely move around the bed without getting stuck in a “dip”.

Wink truly is a luxury mattress. It feels like it was made with care and will last a lifetime, and apparently it will because Wink offers a lifetime warranty!

Any downsides to the Wink mattress?

I can’t say there’s much about this bed that I didn’t like! It was comfy, relieved my back pain, and my partner was able to sleep on their tummy on it. The $1700 price tag is well within the luxury mattress range but it is no doubt still not a feasible option for all. However, Wink has a lease-to-own option for those who need a financing option.

The box that Wink comes in is substantial and I’m pretty glad I didn’t have to set it up on my own. Good news is, neither do you! They have free 2-week delivery, and for an additional $99 you can get your mattress set up too.

Final thoughts

I think this bed is perfect for people who love a bed that’s not fussy and is going to last a long long time. It accommodates all sleeping positions, and you don’t have to worry about impressions. It doesn’t get much better than supporting a US based brand and offering a bed for heavier people from a luxury brand gets my big fat seal of approval! Use code FATGIRLFLOW for $$$ off at checkout!

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Monday 3rd of July 2023

Hello! What firmness model of the WinkBed did you get? Thanks!


Thursday 27th of July 2023

Hi Abbie we got the luxury firm!