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Body Positive

Fat Sex & Intimacy

Alright, babes we’re going to get right into this fat sex thing… and hopefully it’ll help get you into it too KNOW WHAT I MEAN?!?!? Let’s start with this – all bodies. ALL BODIES. Have differing needs. We’re going to talk about fat bodies in this article, but let it be known that fat bodies …

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Welcome to the #FatGirlFlowFam

Did y’all know that we have an Instagram page dedicated to celebrating YOU!?!?! You can post any photo on Instagram with the #fatgirlflowfam to be featured on the FatGirlFlowFam page on Instagram!! This page is run by a community of fat babes that help keep everything running smooth! Our mods are all passionate about keeping …

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We Are The Fat Bitch

*this post contains mention of fatphobia and fat hate When I was in 6th grade a beautiful boy kissed me in my neighbor’s backyard. He had a Bulls Starter Jacket and wore so much gel in his hair that it was crisp to the touch. When he tried to put his hand up my shirt …

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