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Plus Size Spring Workwear 90’s Style

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Who says Spring workwear can’t be cute? One of our favorite parts of Spring is scrunchies and colorful clothes that you can finally dig out of your closet. With a capsule wardrobe, though, your digging days are over and your cutest pieces can finally be front and center on the regular.

Trendy Plus Size Jumper Dress

Is there anything more adorable than a burnt orange jumper? Quick answer: no. Maybe you’re a pants kind of person, or maybe you’re not so into corduroy. No problem, do your thing. Just don’t tell us if you’re not into burnt orange because you might just break our hearts.

Flowy Plus Size Blouse

A flowy top is a spring staple. Whether you want a more cropped look or maybe want to switch up the pattern, a flowy shirt can be worn under or over your favorite outfits. It’s a great addition to a capsule wardrobe because it can be worn just about anywhere.

Cozy Plus Size Denim Shirt

A chambray shirt is ideal for spring. It’s lightweight, can be thrown over any outfit, and can easily be worn from work to home and back. Some are more masculine, while others are light-wash and trendy.


A colorful outfit like this one begs for some funky accessories to make it a stand out and exciting look. Try mixing it up with a fun bag or trading out the scrunchies for a bandana.

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