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Plus Size Workwear For All Seasons

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Looking for the perfect traditional work outfit to ace that interview? Look no further than your plus size capsule wardrobe. This look is perfect for acing your presentation, asking for a raise, and showing up to work ready to tackle your next big project.

Classy Plus Size Blazer

She’s back! Our favorite plus size professional piece shows her face yet again. You know the drill: dress it up or keep it on-trend and get shopping for your go-to blazer!

Basic Plus Size Pants

Your basic black work pants have changed so much over the years. Instead of the classic bootcut with the super uncomfy inner button, now we can bask in the sweet release of adorable joggers, casual black pants, and skintight leather.

Best Basic Plus Size Tee

A basic tee is the ideal piece to go under a blazer like this. Affordable, customizable, and easy to wear-we love this idea. Whether you’re more into patterns or just looking for something easy to order online– a basic tee is crucial to this capsule wardrobe.


There’s so much to do with a basic outfit like this one. You could switch up the bag, add a pop of color, or choose a different loafer. That’s the beauty of such a black and white outfit!

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