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Inclusive Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Wind Chimes

I know, I know, what a random item to kick off this gift guide, but if you’ve never laid in bed, snuggled with your loved one as a Spring storm starts rolling through and listened to the sounds of a wind chime in the distance . . . well, you’re missing out. It’s magical, trust me. And while the old metal wind chimes are fine, natural materials, like the one shown above, create a much more subtle and melodic tune that won’t disturb your, or your loved one’s, sleep.

COAL Beanie

As far as I’m concerned, beanies are like the modern day pack of socks. Practical, modest, but still a sweet gift to show your partner you care about them and their comfort. Wearing a beanie as an accessory is a trend I can get behind, although lets be serious, I’m more likely to wear them to cover up a bad hair day than I am for warmth. This Coal Beanie comes in a huge assortment of colors making it perfect for any season. Wanna be extra adorable: matching beanies for you and yours! That’s not overkill, that’s commitment!

Teva Ember Mocs

Yah know those evenings when your partner agrees to run to the grocery store for you even though they JUST got comfy on the couch? And you feel terrible but you just realllly need cookie dough ice cream? Sound familiar? Then your partner needs these slippers! Yes, they’re a slipper, but they have a firm sole which makes them perfect for those late night snack runs. They also come in loads of fun colors and even come in velvet! Oooh lala!

Audible Subscription

Have a partner that loves to read but struggles to find the time? Does your partner also have a long commute? If so, I cannot recommend Audible enough. They have a huge selection of great books that can be enjoyed just about whenever – picking the kids up from school, running errands, driving home, it’s the best!

Wireless Headphones

Okay, I realize these are a bit spendy, but as someone who works from home along with my partner – these are a real relationship saver! J and I can both be editing YouTube videos, listening to music, or even watching funny cat videos without distracting one another. It’s not only good for our relationship, its good for our productivity levels: win-win!

Chef’s Knife

If your partner is the primary chef in the house, do them a favor and invest in a good chef’s knife! I had no idea what a huge difference a nice knife made until I used one myself – I mean, I wasn’t using it for actual cooking of course, but I could feel the power regardless. A good chef’s knife is something you’ll have for years, and something every home chef appreciates.

Mini Herb Garden

It may not feel like it just yet, but Spring is upon us and what better way to welcome in the warmer weather than by creating a mini herb garden with your SO? Personally I find building and growing things together with my partner to be so rewarding, and growing something that will later add flavor to our shared meals? That really warms my cold, cold heart.

Tushy Bidet

Okay, definitely not a sexy gift, but if you and your partner are just sooooo over valentine’s day, nothing says “fuck this made up holiday” like gifting your loved one with a butt hole spritzer.

Also, it’s amazing, for realsies.

Amazon Gift Card

Okay, I know, this is soooo boring. However, EVERY SINGLE ITEM on this list was one I found off of Amazon – and that was not intentional. Sometimes indulging in some fancy new bathroom soaps really ARE the mundane pleasures that make our SOs feel excited and loved – and isn’t making our partners feel valued and loved really what this holiday is all about?

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Friday 28th of August 2020

Hello. I searched your blog because I remembered a mention of the Tushy. I am considering buying one but am concerned about the amount of butt cheeks that go in the bowl. That water nozzle seems really high but if I bend it low enough, will it still be able to be angled to the poop place? I would appreciate your experience if you have a Tushy. Thanks for your honesty about all things.


Sunday 30th of August 2020

Hi! YES it'll hit where it needs to I promise ;) you can check out my video about it here: