FGF BASICS ARE HERE! A New Line Of Plus Size Tees Up To 6x

June 29, 2018 1 Comment

FGF BASICS ARE HERE! A New Line Of Plus Size Tees Up To 6x

June 29, 2018 1 Comment

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Ok if you don’t want to read all about my little dream project and just want to know what’s for sale and how to buy it go to the merch site and check it out! If you’re in for the 411 keep reading…

Last year I started making merchandise with Merchtable. They are an amazing local Kansas company that has really been behind me and my mission from the start. We consistently had one problem when creating merch, though. We could never find feminine cut shirts over a size 4x. Seemingly the only shirt to print on that existed over a 4x were the big unisex sacks that most plus size people have grown super tired of.

I got constant feedback about how the shirts we were using were too short, how people wished there was a crop top version, and how they just weren’t going up to a large enough size. So… we did something about it.

In November Merchtable approached me about creating a line of tees that would be made for (and by) fat people. I would get to try on samples, make adjustments, and come up with my PERFECT tees. We got to work and 6 months later, FGF Basics was born!

Our goal is that we can create perfect fitting basic tees for plus size bodies in different styles that are reliable and consistent. We want people to be able to say “my favorite tee on earth is the Perfect Tee from FGF Basics – I own it in 10 colors!”.

Each style fits a little differently. The perfect tee is long and not too tight through the midsection. The raglan has generous sleeves and a slim fit in the torso. The crop is a bit boxy and roomy. There’s a fit for everyone. We’re starting with each tee in black and white, as well as one printed design, and we’re hoping to expand the collection into more colors/designs very soon!

We are seriously in love with the product we’ve put out! All of you have helped me to make this rad little dream come true and I am endlessly grateful! I cannot wait to hear what you think about FGF Basics! This is only the beginning and I just know there are beautiful things in our future!!!!

Shop the new line here!




ps – for a little more info and to see me tearfully thanking all of you, watch the vid below!

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1 Comment

  • Brenda July 18, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    I definitely need to know where to get clothes to fit. I’m a big girl and have poor self esteem. My husband of 20+ years has cheated multiple times and I’m not the happy, confident woman I used to be. I live in a small town and the only place to shop is Wal-Mart and Goodys and neither have clothes that fit right. Seeing you in these outfits and how beautiful you look makes me want to know how you find clothes that look so amazing on you.

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