NEW Plus Size Women’s Clothing Store: SONCY!

July 19, 2018 No Comments

NEW Plus Size Women’s Clothing Store: SONCY!

July 19, 2018 No Comments

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Ya’ll, this doesn’t happen very often. Not nearly often enough. I am talking about a new plus size women’s clothing store that I’m actually excited to tell you about! is the new kid on the block offering stylish, on trend pieces for sizes 10-32. Best of all, nothing on the site is over $100.

I’m wearing the Walk The Line Striped Dress above (and yes, that is a tiny little coffee stain on my chest thank you for asking!) and it is an actual dream come true. Soncy’s style is modern and adult while simultaneously being playful and a little cheeky. I always get a little bit nervous when trying a new brand because you never know how sizing could go, but I was happy to see that I was right where the size chart said I would be on sizes. If you’re between sizes I would suggest sizing up for this brand!

I was so excited to see plus size model Katana Fatale as one of the models that used for their launch! She is visibly plus size and it’s always so refreshing to see someone who’s body looks like my own on a site. Imagine how much easier online shopping could be if every store did that!

I mean, don’t you just die over seeing a real belly in a jumpsuit?!?! I know we talk a lot about fashion and fun stuff around here, but I’ve got to be real for a minute – this makes me a little weepy. I could have never imagined any brand would ever show a body that looks like my own in their clothing ten years ago. We are making a difference, and I’m just so proud to support companies that want to be part of that.


This is one of my favorite pieces from the launch, and seeing someone over a size 18 rocking this piece just makes me feel so many warm and fuzzy feelings!


Soncy carries activewear too! I got the set pictured to the right and haven’t stopped wearing it. 100 degree days be damned I’m wearing this sweatshirt!


My partner J keeps remarking that they can’t believe how chic and sexy a track suit can be… but just look at this! This is the kind of cool and effortless work out wear that I could live in forever.

Are you ready to shop? You can check out Soncy’s entire product line here!!!

Leave me a comment letting me know what you think of this new store, their choice in models, and their products! And of course, I’ll be showing you more of my outfits from Soncy over on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me over there!


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