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Big Fig Review: The Mattress For Plus Size People

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You’ve been sleeping on this mattress for two years, can you finally write a Big Fig review?

Ok. I’m ready. This might not be the first time you’ve heard me talk about it. I’ve mentioned Big Fig on my Youtube channel, and on Instagram. I used to sell furniture (yep, even mattresses!) and I know that you can’t give a good assessment of a mattress without sleeping on it for quite some time. I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for nearly two years now and I feel like I’m finally ready to give you my thorough Big Fig review.

I know, a lot of sleeping happens in two years and you’re probably thinking “Corissa, didn’t you know if you liked the mattress after a couple weeks or months?”. Well, yes. I knew it was comfortable. But my experience with mattresses that myself and a plus size partner have slept on is that, unfortunately that feeling goes away after about a year when the mattress starts to sag or the box springs begin to snap.

So what’s so great about the Big Fig mattress?

Big Fig was created by a Father Daughter team who’s been in the mattress industry for years and saw a great need for mattresses for larger people. I’m not going to bore you and tell you that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them and that they’re genuinely invested in fat people’s comfort and sleep quality. Yawn. I’ll just tell you, they know their shit. This isn’t their first time around.

Construction and quality are paramount for this mattress. The Big Fig is made of innerspring coils and foam, with an exterior lining made of a material that helps the mattress sleep cool. Over the last 5 years I have bought 3 mattresses. All of them have sagged, sunk on the edges, or the materials started to separate and tear within a year… except for the Big Fig of course.

I am not a small fatty. I weigh nearly 400 pounds, and my partner weighs the same. My partner sleeps on the very edge of the bed (because I’m the worst and demand sleeping in the center of the bed), They are just as supported on the edge of the bed as I am in my comfy cozy center spot. The Big Fig was created to sleep two 500 pound people, and it doesn’t disappoint. Better yet? Somehow there are no huge sags in the bed.*

Have you ever flopped on your bed and heard the familiar crack of wood? The foundation (traditionally known as the “box springs) is created out of solid wood and has 18 slats. It’s heavy duty. Big Fig is the first mattress and foundation that I’ve ever owned that I did not physically break from doing normal bed activities (mostly just popcorn eating and dogs playing in our bed, ya’ll).

Great, but is it comfy?

This bed is what would traditionally be called “firm”. When my sister (who weighs about 1/3 of what i weigh) first laid on my Big Fig she remarked that is was quite firm. Her next remark was that it was still somehow comfy?! I think a lot of people associate firm with uncomfortable, but the reality is that different bodies need different things to be comfortable. I cannot be comfortable in a soft mattress because trying to move my heavy legs and torso around in a super soft mattress makes me want to cry.

Big Fig has got the plushness of this bed just right for me. It feels supportive, not firm, under my weight. There’s two layers of foam on the mattress that are perforated, allowing air to flow freely so that you don’t sleep hot. My body feels supported while not having any spots that feel like they’re bearing too much weight (ie: hips and shoulders). This is way too much information but, what’s a Big Fig review if not filled with too much information? When I first started sleeping on this mattress I couldn’t stop remarking that I thought I was ahem using the restroom more effectively. I felt like my body was aligning and my lower back was un-kinked for the first time in years.

So what are the downsides?

While the Big Fig is damn good, there are a few downsides. It’s heavy. Like, incredibly heavy. There’s no doubt this thing is made out of strong materials when you try to move it. That bad boy ain’t going nowhere without at least 2 very strong humans.

It’s only sold online. That means, you can’t test it out and you gotta rely on (super informed, if I may say so) reviewers like myself. Ultimately, not laying on a mattress before buying it sucks. Especially when the price point is over $1500.

Final Thoughts

I’m going to end this Big Fig review letting you know that I am all in on this bed. I now have a queen sized Big Fig and a king and I can’t imagine sleeping on anything else. I can only hope that Big Fig starts breaking into the sofa industry, because I’d love to stop demolishing every nice couch I buy!

Do you own a Big Fig? What’s your Big Fig review? Loving it? Hating it? Why?

*Sleep impressions are a totally normal part of sleeping on mattresses. Sagging is not. You want to have an impression that doesn’t feel like it’s eating you alive or like you can’t utilize the mattress for your comfort. Sleep impression = good. Sagging = bad.

*I was not paid to write this review. I have worked with Big Fig on previous collaborations, however this post has been created to give a thorough and complete account of my experience. Affiliate links are used. 

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Tuesday 2nd of July 2024

I recently visited this link for my concern:, I'm not that heavy that's why am looking for full size mattress, but your Big Fig review caught my attention. It's amazing how thorough and honest your review is after two years of use. I completely understand the need for a mattress that remains supportive and comfortable over time, especially with the issues of sagging and weak box springs that you mentioned. The fact that the Big Fig has held up so well for both you and your partner, even at the edges, is impressive. Your experience with the durability and construction of the Big Fig makes it sound like a great option for those needing extra support. The information about the mattress staying cool and having a firm yet comfortable feel is super helpful too. Thanks for sharing such detailed insights!


Monday 26th of April 2021

Hi there! I know this is an older post, but I’m curious about frames. I would really love to find a pretty WOOD platform base for my bed. I have a steel one and it’s great, but not very attractive. Have you seen any that support a heavy mattress and two heavy people who aren’t shy about their bow chicka bow wow?


Friday 19th of June 2020

hi! so i know this post is pretty old, but i'm looking at the big fig and i'm so curious how it's held up for you even now, around the 3ish year mark. If I can get 5 years out of a mattress i would be happy! i saw on your youtube video from 2017 that you weren't using the big fig nightly, since your husband was using it in another room; did you ever upgrade to a king??


Friday 19th of June 2020

We DO have a king (I am no longer married but have a different partner now) and it is definitely holding up!

Josie Jefferson

Friday 19th of April 2019

My husband moves A LOT like A LOT! How does it do with movement at night? Do you find that you feel your partners movements? I’m a light sleeper so even when he’s trying to not wake me, just him getting into bed wakes me.


Friday 26th of April 2019

It's not movement-proof but it's pretty dang close! I've been really impressed with how easily I can sleep through someone else's movement!


Tuesday 19th of March 2019

Thank you so much for the review! Based on your experience do you think this could be top form for someone under 300 pounds? My hubby is 395 but I’m 275. We are both side sleepers & everything I find says not to get a form bed if side sleeper. But as we know as a bigger person soft equals sagging & wearing out quickly. I am graving that soft fluffy hotel bed feel but don’t want to have to buy a new bed every couple of years. Given your experience with the big fig I would appreciate any insight you could provide!


Wednesday 20th of March 2019

hi babe! I'm also a side sleeper and sometimes my hips get a little sore on a firm mattress. it's hard to say if it would be TOO firm but you can always add a topper to the bed if needed!