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Plus Size Dresses From

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Corissa is wearing a red dress with a large ruffle at the top, she is looking up with her arms out as if she's about to spin in a circle.

If only all my dresses fit like City Chic’s plus size dresses. I would be one permanently happy girl. 

Every year around this time I start missing dresses and wishing I would have worn more over the Summer. Because of course, the grass is always greener. Some day I’m going to start loving what I can wear when I can wear it… this is not that year. 

In recent months I’ve kind of lost hope in stores in regards to consistent sizing, so trying on these plus size dresses was a bit scary. I was sure that I would be met with the same not-so-fun surprises that other stores have provided me with and would suddenly realize nothing fits like it should. 

Corissa is wearing a black maxi dress with a jean jacket and felt hat. She is smiling and laughing while looking away from the camera and showing off the dress.

But good ol’ City Chic came through and provided me with that sizing consistency that my little heart needed. I am REINVIGORATED, people!!!! 

I paired this black maxi dress with my favorite fringe booties and a classic jean jacket for a nice little Kansas girl look. You can’t go wrong with a black dress and a jean jacket. I don’t care if these things ever go out of style, the style God’s will be pulling my denim from my cold dead hands (too much?).

Corissa's full body can be viewed in the dress she writes about. She is holding a purse and has one arm pulling the dress away from her body so the print is more visible.

My family went to paint pottery the other day and I wore this above the knee dress thinking “painting pottery can’t be that labor intensive, a short dress will be fine!”. Little did I know that the painting studio would have us on high top (bar height) chairs. Pro-tip: don’t wear a chiffon dress and tights on a high chair if you’re fat. I couldn’t stay on that thing, I was sliding all over the place! But I looked damn cute doing it, so not all was lost! 

Corissa is wearing a black dress with small floral print on it. She's holding her left hand up and her hand is in her hair. She is smiling at the camera.

This dress has the sweetest little cut out on the chest. I love a little peek of cleavage that is totally family appropriate. 

What styles are getting you through the Winter months? Do you love dresses when it’s cold outside or are you way too practical for that?? OH! Also.. anyone interested in seeing a tights/panty hose guide??? Let me know! 

You can watch the entire City Chic try on (yes, MORE DRESSES!!!!) in the video below! Click here to shop all the dresses from the video

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Wednesday 24th of April 2019

Hi I had a questions.....WHERE DO YOU BUY YOUR TIGHTS AND HOISERY!? Lol I can't find any where. I have huge thighs lol and I'm a shorty shorty too 5'3" around 315lbs. I carry weight in my thighs booty and hips.


Saturday 15th of December 2018

I would love to know where your Jean jacket is from! I'm struggling to find a good jacket to pair with a maxi that isn't too boxy or tight on my upper arms.


Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Hey babe! This is the jacket. It's from simplybe and I love it so much! It's got the perfect amount of stretch.


Friday 14th of December 2018

I would like to see what you find in a tights/pantyhose guide! I wear dress almost everyday and live in leggings and tights in the winter!


Friday 14th of December 2018

I've been trying several brands and I'm hoping to have a review up soon! Do you have any brands that you absolutely LOVE?!?!?

Emily Harper

Thursday 13th of December 2018

Love that black maxi dress and, of course, your spin on the outfit! Question, it looks delightfully long on you, but shorter on the website. I'm 5'7" and wondering how tall you are. Love your blog!


Thursday 13th of December 2018

I am also 5'7"! I think MAYBE if I were wearing a bra it might be about an inch shorter lol

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