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The Guide To Plus Size Mattresses

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The plus size mattress market is expanding, and we love to see it! Over the last 8 years I’ve slept on 7 different beds to really give them a good Fat Girl Flow review. Yes, I moved 6 different king size beds in and out and onto my bed frame so you don’t have to! Before being a committed plus size bed lover, I even sold mattresses for a furniture store and got to know the market and the standards for how plus size mattresses are made.

Shopping for plus size mattresses can be confusing. Here’s what you need to know: your plus size mattress selection will be as unique as you and your body. There is no one perfect mattress for everyone. – there are likely many! What matters most is that you are getting a good night’s sleep on a mattress that supports your body – and I can help you get there.

Understanding Plus Size Mattresses

Shopping for plus size mattresses can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to prioritize your comfort and ensure proper support for your body. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision.

When it comes to choosing a plus size mattress, conventional wisdom may not always apply. Factors like weight distribution and body shape play crucial roles. For example, while a firmer mattress is often recommended for stomach sleepers, plus size individuals with weight around their midsection may benefit from a mattress with a bit more give. It’s essential to find a balance between support and comfort that suits your specific requirements.

Materials for Plus Size Mattresses

Plus size mattresses are available in a variety of materials, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. All of the beds mentioned here are hybrid mattresses meaning they include both foam layers and coils. Whether you prefer the cradling sensation of memory foam or the traditional support of a spring mattress, I’ll delve into the details to help you make an informed choice based on what feels best for your body.

Budget Considerations

While cost should not be the sole deciding factor, it’s essential to find a plus size mattress that fits within your budget. Keep in mind that mattresses are long-term investments, typically lasting around 8 years. While lifetime warranties may sound appealing, our bodies often change over time and so do our mattress needs. Most beds are not lifetime commitments, and over-spending on a mattress can be a real bummer. I’ll provide insights into financing options and compare costs across different brands, ensuring you find the right balance between quality and affordability.

Plus Size Mattresses for heavy people, diagram about firmness

Titan Plus

$$$$ | 1,000 lb weight capacity | cooling cover available | excellent for couples who are both plus size

Titan Plus is Brooklyn Bedding’s response to the needs of plus size mattress consumers. At 11″ tall, this mattress is made up of 5 layers including coils, comfort foam, and gel foam. One of it’s stand out options is the Glaciotex cooling cover option, which is built into the mattress. This is by far the coolest mattress I have ever slept on, but the cover creates a slick feel on the mattress surface that can lead to sheets sliding around a bit.

The Titan Plus has a 10 year warranty and 120 night sleep trial. In my opinion, the Titan Plus should be considered the industry standard for a firm plus size mattress. It manages to give you support without feeling like it’s trying to push you out of bed, sleeps cool, and holds up well to high weight. It’s more reasonably priced than many mattresses on the market, and they are American made in Arizona.

Who this mattress is great for: Couples where each person is 250+ pounds, anyone looking for an extra firm mattress, back sleepers, hot sleepers, fans of American-made products.

Titan Luxe

$$$$ | 1,000 lb weight capacity | soft yet supportive | cooling cover available

While Titan Plus is perfect for couples who are both plus size, the Titan Luxe is the answer for couples of varying sizes. While it maintains all the support of the Titan Plus, it has added layers of foam to create a softer sleeping experience. Titan’s cooling cover is available on the Luxe model, and I highly recommend it if you sleep hot.

Who is this mattress great for: Couples who’s sleeping needs vary and they need to meet in the middle with support and softness, hot sleepers, people who prefer a more “classic” mattress feel over a memory foam feel.

Nolah Evolution Comfort+

$$$$$ | Certi-PUR certified | comprehensive and transparent lifetime warranty | white-glove delivery available

When I received my Nolah Evolution Comfort+ mattress I was certain it was too plush for me. After sleeping on a super firm bed for many months, it felt like jumping into a cloud. I kept telling my partner “I can’t wait to get back into bed, it feels so fancy!”. I was certain that a bed that felt this cuddly was going to aggravate my back – but after several months of sleep on the Nolah I have zero complaints.

I ordered the Glaciotex cooling mattress protector with my mattress, but slept without it for a couple weeks prior to putting it on. In the heat of the Summer the slight temperature difference with the cover feels beneficial enough to warrant it’s purchase. This is the only mattress on this list with any handles on the sides of the mattress and it makes a huge difference when putting sheets on, or adjusting the mattress. At 15″ tall this mattress is on the higher side of plus size mattresses – I find it works perfect on our low adjustable base and feels neither too high nor too low.

The Nolah Evolution Comfort+ is one of only two mattresses on the list that had zero off-gassing scent upon unboxing. Nolah’s materials are eco-conscious and are CertiPUR-US® certified and free from ozone depleters, heavy metals, and chemical fire retardants. While this mattresses price is higher than some others, it sleeps like a true luxury bed and is worth every penny.

Who this mattress is great for: Eco-conscious babes, back sleepers, side sleepers, couples with people of different sizes, luxury lovers.

Wink Plus

$$$$$ | full replacement lifetime warranty | made in the U.S.A | eco-friendly | available to try in several showrooms across the US

If my partner (a stomach sleeper) lived alone, this is the mattress they would choose to own. The Wink Plus is a hybrid mattress made with coils and various layers of eco-friendly foam and a Tencel cover. Along with the Nolah mattress it is one of the few we’ve had that had zero scent upon opening. At 13.5″ tall it works well with our adjustable base and it a great height.

While the Wink Plus is a hybrid mattress, it sleeps much like a classic innerspring mattress and retains a lot of the comfort that traditional innerspring mattresses provide. You never feel like you can’t move around in the bed, yet you also feel craddled and supported well enough to fall asleep.

Wink beds are made in the US and the company prides itself on being eco-friendly and sustainably manufactured. Their practices require less water consumption compared to other brands, and they use recycled steel to produce their coils. When we tried our Wink Plus bed several years ago (this comprehensive review has been a long time coming!) the cost was a bit higher than it is now, and we’re happy to see Wink’s price come down a bit.

Who this mattress is great for: tummy sleepers, couples of varying sizes, eco-conscious consumers

Helix Twilight

$$$ | 1,000 lb weight capacity | many firmness options | several financing options

Helix Plus is the official plus size offering from Helix, but we got our Helix Twilight 5 years ago before it came out. The Helix Twilight has proven to be the happily-ever-after in our house. While I try new mattresses frequently the Helix Twilight is always ready and available in case my partner needs to return to homeostasis. While my partner suffered a sciatic injury the Helix Twilight was the only bed that they were comfortable sleeping on. It’s our perfect compromise.

The Helix brand is under the Brooklyn Bedding umbrella along with Titan, and Titan Luxe. All of these mattresses are made in the US, and all are Certi-PUR certified. All of the Helix brand mattresses also have a 1,000 lb weight limit which means you’re not beholden to their Plus option in order for your warranty to be honored.

The Helix Twilight is a hybrid mattress with both coils and several layers of foam. In my opinion, it is the mattress on the list that sleeps most like a traditional memory foam mattress. While it gives the same support and cradling comfort as a memory foam mattress there are a few drastic differences. First, the Helix Twilight is not difficult to move around in. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, this bed is easy to move around in and you never have that sinking feeling that your bed could eat you alive. Second, it isn’t hot. Thank god, because my spouse is a human space heater!

After many years of nearly 900 collective pounds on our Helix Twilight we have no complaints… and no indentions. We don’t fall into our sleep impressions, and the mattress has held up beautifully through many moves. Seriously – just think about how many times we have to move mattresses around here to be able to review all of these!

Who this mattress is great for: all positions of sleepers, budget conscious consumers, people who like the support of memory foam, folks with back injuries (endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association)

Big Fig

$$$$$ | Extra firm | 20 year warranty | best foundation

I have worked with Big Fig mattress since their inception. I am one of the first people to ever receive the mattress, and have slept on them for many years. Big Fig is the first mattress brand building beds specifically for plus size customers, and they did an incredible job bringing that new product to our market – but in my opinion they’ve struggled to keep up and can no longer be considered the industry standard for plus size mattresses.

Big Fig markets their mattress as “medium firm”, but it definitely is the firmest mattress I’ve slept on. At times it can feel like the bed is trying to heave you right out of it. This type of firmness can be difficult for side sleepers, but back sleepers often benefit from it. Because Big Fig is so firm, the sleep impressions that are naturally caused after some time can feel a bit more dramatic than on other beds that are less firm. I enjoy a firm mattress and think that a night on a Big Fig can help to align my body, my partner doesn’t agree. This bed has been a difficult sell for my stomach sleeping spouse.

Big Fig’s standout is their foundation – by far the most heavy duty on the market and made to withstand the high weights they cater to. I cannot recommend their white glove delivery enough, as I’ve found the Big Fig by far the heaviest and most difficult of all the plus size mattresses to move.

Who this mattress is great for: back sleepers, people who love a firm feel

Emma CliMax Hybrid

$$$ | very little motion transfer | 365 risk-free trial | 5% off with code CORISSA5

The Emma CliMax is a newcomer to the plus size mattress game, and I’m pretty impressed. Emma has created an approachable, affordable option for plus size sleepers that is actually worth the money. While Emma’s price can be replicated through other online-only brands, it’s quality can’t.

The CliMax provides firm supportive sleep, with transparency in pricing and warranties at the forefront of Emma’s practices. We had no issues with foam breakdown while using it, but did notice the bed slept a bit hotter than others we’ve tried. We also had a chance to try Emma’s adjustable base and it is far and away the easiest adjustable base I’ve ever set up.

I can confidently say that the Emma CliMax works for people of all sizes, as after we slept on it for a few months we gifted the bed and adjustable base to my in-laws who are much smaller than us, and they like it just as much as we did!

Who this mattress is great for: budget babes, sleepers of all sizes, consumers looking for a no-fuss shopping experience

Remember, your plus size mattress choice will be unique to your needs. All of these mattresses are good, well made beds!

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Tuesday 22nd of August 2023

Hey, I’m glad to see this post! I bought a Big Fig back when you first got it and have been very impressed, so now I am even more intrigued with potentially even better options. My spouse is a big and tall person who likes a very firm bed and adores the Big Fig - but he likes sleeping on a rock ;) thanks for all these posts, they’re so helpful. J’s posts are, too. I asked for that teak shower stool for my birthday on their recommendation and I lurve it so much and also it keeps me from falling in the shower. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

Jessica Serrano

Monday 31st of July 2023

I love my Big Fig so much! I sleep kind of somewhere between my side and stomach, and I love a good firm bed. Thankfully, my spouse could sleep well anywhere. The handles thing!!! Dude, I hate that mattresses don’t commonly come with handles anymore. Do you find that the Big Fig moves around a little on the base? My spouse has to push it over toward my side around once a week. I’ve thought about putting down some rubber strips to see if that helps. Thank you for being so awesome!


Tuesday 1st of August 2023

I did think it moved a bit on our base as well, which is rough cause that mattress is HEAVY lol

Katy Maslow

Wednesday 26th of July 2023

This is so helpful!!! As I have a Big Fig and am struggling with it. I’m going through their warranty claim process because I just don’t feel I got something that matched what they were selling, and I’m way out of their trial period. I’m most intrigued by the Helix from your review and appreciate the partner aspect!!!!! I actually am a back sleeper that finds myself on my stomach each morning lol. Also PS that pic of you is perfection!!