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  1. You’re awesome and you’ve inspired me to try some new-to-me lines which is very exciting! I’ve been stuck in an Old Navy/Target Plus/thrift store rut for a while. I’m checking out Rainbow this weekend because I was so in love with your pieces from there. Thank you so much!

  2. I find this is where I have a HUUUUGE problem in Canada. So many cute online US stores, but I can’t afford shipping, duties and then to pay to return them when they don’t fit. Right now I’m basically stuck with one maybe two stores I can shop at, it’s such a pain.

    1. Boohoo actually has everything listed in Canadian currency, they pay the duties for Canadian shoppers and the shipping is free on orders over 50 dollars. So, shop away, I guess? *I’m canadian myself! rep rep

  3. “How cute would this outfit be with black leggings though?” Answer: HELLA CUTE!! 😀

    Also, speaking of soft, stretchy knits, have you tried anything from SWAK Designs? I’ve ordered a couple of things from them recently that I’ve really liked!

  4. You are darling in that dress!! I love seeing people happy in their own skin. I just have a hard time shopping I’m so confused with store sizing . Yes I discovered that the models are like a 14 but I am like I am a 16/18 some places 20 I get lost and end up buying three sizes and returning what doesn’t fit. I want to try boohoo and now I see I can. I am ultra picky and I instantly get frustrated because I am like an hour glass with a few inches bigger waist wise. so jeans never fit on the top though I have a tummy I pull them up . Shirts are too small or hang off me because I’m too heavy and in order for it to fit I have to go up a size but the shirt circumference is too big around Then I can’t get pants and jeans up my thighs and over my butt. You make this look effortless lol . I love shopping online I rarely go in store so you can imagine the postal people hate me because I don’t get it the sizing correct a lot lol

  5. I just discovered eshakti online which goes up to 36, or, and, wait for it… Will customize every piece in their line to your specific measurements. Which, is awesome for so many reasons. Clothing is super cute, elegant, trendy, and very reasonable in price. Check it out. I’ve ordered two party skirts, a velvet gown, and two fun tops. They all fit perfectly.

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