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5 Gender Neutral Gifts For Your Valentine

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I’m not a huge fan of an overwhelming pressurized Valentine’s Day, but I am super into giving people you love gifts and just generally celebrating a day that is all about being happy with people you love. Cause that’s pretty cool! I love gender neutral gifts, mostly because I’m just not a fan of another person buying me items like lingerie and perfume because damn it I like doing that myself! My partner and I aren’t going to do anything too special for the day, but we regularly try to treat each other to things that we enjoy. Since we share financial responsibilities we don’t make it a big event or something that we want to be surprised about, we just tell the other person “hey, I would love this little thing, you wanna order it from amazon for me?” and then we generally talk about if it’s financially possible and talk about the timeline for how getting that special thing will work. It’s a nice process, it makes us feel connected and listened to and a little special. It also lets us know that the other person is looking out and concerned with our needs (even if some times the things we ask for are more wants than needs).

[/wc_column][/wc_row]Showing people you love that you’re thinking of them can be done in lots of ways. You can send them a sweet text, or clean the kitchen, maybe just making their bed and cleaning their night stand so they can have a nice neat space to fall asleep. You do not have to spend a ton to show people you love them. If you choose to give a little gift though, you know I’m here for you with all the great ideas! And baby, I got ideas!

Tasty Treats

I’m in love with and their little boxes of heaven. The site is amazing because there is truly something there for everyone. You love coffee? Got it! You obsessed with nut butters? Baby, there is a box for you! They even have monthly subscription boxes of booze (if you’re into that)! My favorite little box currently? The Love You Like XO box. YUM!

Gender Neutral Valentine's Day //

Multi Tool

Ok, this little gift was suggested to me for this list and at first I was like “excuse me a what?” and then I checked this bad boy out and was like “oh yeah! I for sure need that!”. I had no idea that a multi-tool was such a cool little thing, but apparently there’s an entire world of multi-tools out there with all sorts of attachments, so you can find custom attachments for whatever your love bug’s interests are (hello I need a tiny nail file in mine!).

Gender Neutral Valentine's Day //

Fat Positive Swag

If you’re on this site, it’s likely because you’re into body positivity (hey, great life choice!), or maybe your partner is. Treat either of you to a bad ass T-shirt that will make you feel empowered and super cute all at the same time.  My favorite is this Fat and Thriving shirt from Great news, they’re having an anniversary sale through 2/7! Use code FOURYEAR for 25% off your order.

Gender Neutral Valentine's Day //


Beautiful Energies

Look, I’m not saying that I believe a rock has special powers or anything, but I am saying that I have about 100 rocks around my house and I’m convinced they are helping my life so take from that what you want! One of my most favorite things I own is a gorgeous Himalayan Salt Lamp that doubles as an oil burner. Do I think that it’s purifying my air? Probably not. But it gives off the most gorgeous soft glow I’ve ever seen! Bonus: show your sugar booger(s) how much you love them by getting them their favorite scent as an essential oil to put in it!

Gender Neutral Valentine's Day //

TomboyX Briefs

I am so stinking excited about these briefs!!! Technically, these are created with a more feminine body shape in mind, but the company is gender inclusive and wants to design clothes that cross gender barriers. The briefs are stinking adorable and even better, they go up to a size 4x! I’m going to be doing a review on these very soon, so stay tuned! These are sure to please that cute little tomboy in your life!

Gender Neutral Valentine's Day //

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? What are your most favorite gender neutral gifts? I hope you all have an amazing day, no matter how you spend it. I love you all so much!!!!

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Sunday 14th of February 2016

1) I have never heard of, but I have clicked over to a new window to check them out. 2) You don't have a multitool? You are sort-of missing out on life. I have a friend who is so in love w/ his that he carries it on his belt in this little case, all the time everywhere (and misses it during flights b/c he has to pack it in his checked bag). They even make a multitool keys which fits on a key ring; you should check that out. 3) That T-shirt is fantastic. 4) I have a salt lamp, and I love it. Ions and what not? Not sure...but it gives off the best calming light. Have you ever been to a salt room? You should see if they have one near you (there are two in my city: one is free! ). 5) I hope you get everything your big heart desires!

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