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Witchy Fall Plus Size Outfit

In past years I’ve been a little bit grumpy about my plus size Fall outfit options. Not this year, friends! This year I’m all about finding layering pieces, wearing dresses with boots, and focusing my energy on accessorizing. No more sad sweatpants and holey shirts – I’m going glam! Jk, there will be plenty of …

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Fall Favorites

It’s time for my fall favorites!!! Honestly, most of my favorite Fall things have to do with being outside while it’s beautiful and chilly outside, but the good smelling candles, pretty colored lipsticks, and gorgeous velvet dresses are pretty rad too! Let me know how you guys feel about me integrating YouTube videos onto my …

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Fat Girl Meets Fall Fashion

Look at those leaves at my feet! Aren’t they just beautiful? They remind me that Autumn is not just the calm before the horrifying winter storm, it is also a time where I get to fall in love with colors that I never wear which is pretty cool! I get so nervous about fall fashion, because …

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I am feeling militant lately. About a lot of things. Mostly about how my body is perceived by others, but also about my hatred of winter, and my very real desire to not own more than I “need”. Need is in quotations because it’s very subjective and admittedly, I’m already living with far more than …



I always begin to panic a little bit this time of year. I struggle with fall and winter, and have a strong emotional preference for the sunny months. My clothing during the fall really helps me get a boost of energy and confidence when I’m dragging from the lack of sunshine. Summer definitely isn’t over …