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Militant Moment //

Militant Moment //

Militant Moment //

Militant Moment //

I am feeling militant lately. About a lot of things. Mostly about how my body is perceived by others, but also about my hatred of winter, and my very real desire to not own more than I “need”. Need is in quotations because it’s very subjective and admittedly, I’m already living with far more than anyone would ever need and I’m incredibly lucky for it. And all of this militance (not a word in the dictionary, but now a word on my blog!) has made for one seriously cute outfit!

I’m struggling a bit with outside opinions telling me what they think of how I treat my body. I feel very secure in my values regarding my fat body, and I know that I am doing what is effective for me, yet I am still being forced to defend myself every time I turn around. And each time I have to show someone an article regarding the wrong science behind the “obesity epidemic”, or tell someone that fatties actually are not a drain on the economy, I feel like a little part of me gets taken. The exhaustion I feel after defending my happiness and how I obtained it is pretty intense (and you can hear more about that in this lovely youtube video I made). I haven’t figured out how to tell the concerned people who apparently love me to let me live without screaming it at them, but I’m working on it. I’m hoping for some kind of breakthrough that makes my able to carry my internet activism into my real life, because currently my default is to just pretend like those people in my life don’t exist.

Until then, I’m going to wear a bunch of army green and take pictures of me looking fucking fantastic. Because some times that’s the best you can do, and I’m totally ok with that!

Oh yeah, hey… I’m going to start trying really hard to give you an “affordable” option next to the clothing item I’m wearing (if it’s something I think is kind of expensive). I want to help people get access to affordable clothing as often as possible, so if you ever see something on the blog and know of a good “dupe” please let me know! 

Top – Ashley Nell Tipton (go team Ashley!!!)
Skirt – Eshakti | budget-friendly
Shoes – Dansko
Scarf – Vintage
Purse – Similar


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