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  1. I love cold weather, but it’s something about finding clothes that fit over my body during this season that sucks. So usually I stand at my mostly empty closet going “Oh right I have nothing to wear!” and then I go online and find like 2 things out of the 10 stores that might work for me, and I check my bank account to find out I only have $40 and $15 of that is for shipping costs + taxes and I can maybe get 1 thing if I also have a coupon. Then I get it and find out it either doesn’t fit me at all or just plain looks terrible on me or, in the rarest of cases, it fits and is comfortable, but doesn’t match a single other thing I own. So I send it back for an extra $10-15 in shipping. Then I cry until I can’t cry anymore. I am literally at the point where I’m just going to buy men’s clothes and let people call me a boy because I can’t fucking take this shit anymore. A $10 men’s tshirt that is way oversized on me is thicker with better quality stitching than the see through shirts LB sells for $30 that don’t even fit me. Most of my clothes are over 6 years old because everything that has been produced since 2010 is flimsy, overpriced garbage. I’ve tried replacing some of the shirts that now have holes in them, and I still have the old shirts with holes because the new ones wore out first.

    1. I identify with this SO MUCH Cassandra!!!! I don’t think a lot of people really understand that the industry’s failing at clothing a population is FUCKING MADDENING!!! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story <3

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