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Punk Inspired Plus Size Workwear

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Calling all goths. Gone are the days where you can’t wear your band tees to work. Say hello to this adorable ensemble that you can create from your capsule wardrobe and add to your plus size workwear repertoire.

Fun Plus Size Band Tee

Sometimes you gotta rep your favorite band. Maybe it’s Queen. Maybe you wanna be edgy but can’t get behind a band at all. No matter what, a band tee and its familiars add some fun edge to any outfit.

Best Plus Size Blazer

You know her. You love her. It’s the blazer of the century. Our favorite plus size blazer can be traded for velvet or classed up with a longer cut style.

Perfect Plus Size Black Pants

We are such suckers for black pants. They can be so versatile and come in a variety of styles. When choosing one for your wardrobe you may go for something a little chicer or possibly something super out there like some leather pants.


Are you a loafer lover? Maybe not? Good thing is, you can switch up the shoes in this look if you like. Maybe add a different bag? Not a necklace fan? Trade it for a bracelet! It’s your capsule wardrobe. Live your dream with your plus size workwear wardrobe!

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Thursday 18th of March 2021

I want you to know how much finding this really helped me. I am in a new roll at work but I am also 38 (almost 39) and stuck in my ways haha I love being myself and my boss expects nothing else ... but I wanted to really show professionalism in this new position.

Today is day 2 of rocking a band shirt, blazer, my freshly polished Docs, and black leggings (pants might get an upgrade later but for now, leggings are fab)

Learning to love the body I am in now...dressing it and being OK and feeling good about myself is a journey and you really really have helped. This post completely inspired me and I am loving it.


Monday 22nd of March 2021

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!! I am sure you look incredible <3