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Plus Size Winter to Spring Workwear

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Sometimes, you just want to be warm and cozy because it’s March and it’s randomly snowing again. Oh well, at least you can try to summon spring with a floral skirt. Thanks again to the plus size workwear options in the capsule closet for all of the layers for when the weather (or the office thermostat) can’t make up its mind.

Fun Plus Size Skirt

The long, flowy skirt is such a beautiful thing. You don’t need to wear pants, you look like you tried really hard, and they are usually wildly comfortable. Maybe you wanna rock a runway look on your way to a coffee break. Maybe you are everyone’s favorite eclectic art teacher. Whoever and whatever you’re feeling, there’s a plus size skirt for you.

Cozy Plus Size Sweater

The only thing I ever want to wear when I’m looking to be cozy is a sweater. Surely, I need this rainbow sweater. Or wait-maybe I need this super chic yellow one. Deciding which sweater to put in a capsule wardrobe is so hard because they’re all so cute.

Best Plus Size Denim Jacket

Denim jackets making an appearance again to add another layer of coziness to this work outfit. Denim is the perfect item to add to your plus size workwear clothing line up. Why not pick one up from Lane Bryant? Or maybe hop into your local Target for one.


We love this look with a headband, but maybe you want to add some scrunchies to mix up your plus size workwear. Why not a bandana? Who says that’s not business casual.

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