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  1. Happy 4th 🙂 I had a little beach time this morning, I kept it short as it’s my first time out in the sun this year. And now I’m home in the ac to catch up on some work…then will head out later with the dog for a little sunset walk.

    I love LOVE fireworks but around here it’s such a hassle to get to them, traffic and parking and walking and crowds…I’m just not feeling up to that alone.

    I just have to say to you, hopefully without sounding too fan girlish (ha, I’m old enough to be your mother. and then some) or creepish (ha), but I hope you know how truly beautiful you are. I watch your YT vlogs more than I visit your website, but when I end up coming here and see still photos of you, they really capture your beauty. And with the red lipstick? Like an effing MOVIE STAR.

    Okay, I just crossed the creepster line, ha. But seriously. Just wanted to say that.


  2. This really pulled me out of my funk that I have been in lately. Thank you for being an inspirational woman. I appreciate you and you really “saved” me. Hope your holiday weekend was amazing!

  3. Love your summer are so uplifting and honest about your body and clothing makes me a little braver to step out of my comfort zone and be ok…..Rock on lady!

  4. I love all the looks but I especially love that striped dress… So cute on you!

    Soooo… There is a Rainbow five minutes from my work, and I haven’t ever gone inside, but I had like an hour to kill today and when I drove past it I thought “hey that’s the store Corissa is always raving about” so I figured I’d go inside, and I came out with a pair of pants, a top, and a romper for eighteen dollars. EIGHTEEN DOLLARS!! And, even though I’m a straight sized girl myself, I was so happy when I walked in and I saw that literally HALF of the store was dedicated to plus sizes, and they had a ton of stuff on sale in both straight and plus sizes… I think I’ve found my new favorite store!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Red dress was great. If you’re ever up in Canada (West Coast), you might want to check out Bodacious. I don’t work there, but have long been a fan. Very body-positive, with stores in Vancouver and Victoria.

    1. Hi like your pages etc have you ever come across wrap around maxi skirts on your travels please? Seems like unless you are a size 12 or there about you are out of luck. I am after sizing to a uk size 30 . many thanks

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