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  1. I got a pair of tapered jeans from Fashion to Figure in my first Dia&Co box (thanks for the heads-up on that badassness, BTW). They are the best jeans I’ve ever owned – they fit like a glove, look cute if you roll up the bottom or leave them down, and they don’t “bag out” after wearing them all day. I’ve told EVERYONE I can find that they need a pair. Thanks for this great round up – I’m excited to add some more denim to my wardrobe.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m plus size and 6′, so double whammy for me, but this gives me a great place to start. Really getting sick of being confined to Lane Bryant!

  3. I know this post is meant for jeans but I couldnt help but notice those shooessss!!! Where did you get them from?

  4. Thanks for the article! Question, do you have any particular go-to brands for longevity? I’ve been buying cheap jeans the past few years (Target, Old Navy) and the fabric wears on my inner thighs pretty quickly, I’ve had to patch jeans that I’ve had for only a year and half or so. These days I could justify investing in a few more expensive pairs, but I don’t want to pay more if they’re going to wear out just as fast. Much appreciation in advance for any advice you can offer!

    1. I DEFINITELY love the James Jeans and they will certainly last a long time. That being said though, my trick for making jeans last is just making sure I have more than 2 pairs that I love. I used to always have like ONE pair of jeans that I loooooved and now that I have several I actually wear all of them and don’t over wash, or wear through them nearly as fast. If I were you I would go with a mid-range price point, find a pair that you LOVE, and buy it in like 3 washes 😉

  5. Would it be possible for you to do a rain jacket haul? I’ve started the search for a decent rain jacket under $50, and I can’t find anything that doesn’t make me feel like a marshmallow–thought it was time to ask a professional.

  6. I love this post! I have such trouble finding jeans! I really want to try those jeans from torrid, but haven’t been to their store lately. Have you ever tried the plus sized simply vera wang jeans from kohls? I bought capris this year and absolutely love them! I’m in between a 22/24 but went with a 20 because they ran so big on me. I know they don’t have 26’s but the 24’s may be worth a shot 🙂

  7. Wearing jeans is a huge struggle for me because my stomach is the biggest part of my body and I know its bad but i wear my jeans below my stomach. It sucks because they always fall down and I can’t go anywhere without wearing a belt. That’s also why its so hard for me to buy clothes online because I don’t know if they’ll cover up my stomach. Basically what i’m wondering is, how do i get jeans to fit comfortably on my stomach instead of below it? Do I have to just get used to it? Is this a stupid question? Idk.
    Btw LOVE you!(:

    1. Ugh this is definitely a constant struggle for me. My jeans that look great and fit well above my belly are not exactly the most comfortable things in the world. The james jeans (the expensive ones EEK) are TRULY INCREDIBLY comfy on my belly, and don’t fall underneath my belly but ehy’re just SO EXPENSIVE. I’m sorry I don’t have great advice for you :(((

  8. Thanks for the post! I just bought my first pair of jeans off the HSN. First time for everything! Hope I love them as much as you do.

  9. You look hot in those plus size jeans. I have a pair of Alfred Dunner 16w jeans. They are the most comfortable jeans I have ever put on my body. So into plus size jeans.

  10. Love you girl!
    looking for boot cut jeans-hate pant shopping but thanks for making it easier.
    Know where to go for best plus size black friday sales???

  11. I’ve had good luck with the pencil jeans from Melissa McCarthy. They are a bit pricey at retail but I’be gotten them on sale at Macy’s for about half the price. They’re very well-made and have lasted a long time! I also like some of the skinny jeans that Torrid has.

  12. Love this! I just searched “best plus sized jeans” and found you! I’ve been wearing Cato’s jeans (b/c they’re cheap!) and they’ve started getting too bagged out, and just feel yucky any more. I also feel like most of the jeans don’t have big enough back pockets or they’re poorly placed, so they just look weird. Is that just me???

    1. OMG One of my absolutely BIGGEST complaints is that back pockets look like shit on plus size jeans, I AM WITH YOU! Several of the pairs I’ve mentioned have great back pockets, though so that makes me happy 😀 Welcome to the blog!!!

  13. Ok, I need some serious help. I have been looking for years and I cannot find a pair of jeans that actually fit. I am only 5 ft, and plus size and cannot find a pair of jeans unless I want to pay a fortune to get them altered, Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  14. Trans dude in desperate need of help….I have an unholy level of ass that is just Vastly above and Beyond anything men’s jeans in Australia can handle…and women’s jeans have become more and more ‘womanly’ and less and less androgynous lately. Is there any way to find something high waisted that can fit my rump and that doesn’t taper so hard that my calves can’t fit, without being obviously Femme? I’m tired of wearing sad man shorts that are all that’s available here ;A:

    1. I would try the james jeans if you can afford them. They are very androgynous and have LOTS of stretch in the tush without looking like… jeggings? Also a new denim brand called Fat Trunk is out and they’re making jeans for fat dudes and they’re GREAT! Also also, asos has some styles that could work!!!

  15. How about bell bottomed, flared, hell, bootcut jeans? That’s my style. They’ve been hard to find since, “tapered” became “skinny”. Old Navy is the best place I used to get them. That store closed about 6 months ago.

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