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  1. So, I’ve worn a mini-dress once in my whole life and the whole night I was so nervous that I was flashing my whole everything to everyone in the resturaunt that night. I held my purse over my ass all evening long. And I vowed that maxi skirts would be it for me forever.
    But I’m feeling like a skirt would give me a little bit more flexibility. That embroidered piece is soooo beautiful!

    1. Hey Libby! I understand the struggle as mini dresses/skirts barely ever cover my butt. You can try wearing some shorts underneath like spandex shorts that way if your skirt/dress does come up you have nothing to worry about! That’s what I always s do

    1. K, so I recently joined the plus-size club & have totally fallen in love with this miniskirt I saw online. It’s super colourful and has characters from Fraggle Rock and I love it! But I’m nervous to buy it cos, on top of not having worn a mini for years even before I gained weight, I’m just not used to all this… It’s encouraging to see bigger girls looking pretty great in minis, but I worry that the skirt will ride up badly, or my thighs will rub badly, or I’ll otherwise be uncomfortable. Any tips?

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