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Custom Made Plus Size Clothing From T.S. Fux + A Special Surprise!

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I’m a “whatever is comfy and easy” kind of dresser. I like t-shirts and jeans, and dresses that you can throw on and look effortless in. But finding a perfect t-shirt isn’t easy when you’re shopping most plus size clothing brands. That’s where T.S. Fux comes in!

Everyone should have the opportunity to feel like their clothes truly fit them, shopping for plus size clothing included. With my big belly, I often find shirts that will fit on my arms or chest but are tight around my midsection. Shirts appear to be cut straight up and down, with no real curve in them. The patterns often don’t change from a size small to a size 3x.

I like my tops to be short, so that I can wear them with high waist pants, or tie them up in a crop top. Many plus size babes have trouble finding shirts that are long enough on them. T.S. Fux allows you to customize your length so that your long torso is covered (or uncovered if that’s what you prefer!).

I die over shift dresses and their straight line appearance. In order to achieve that look, a dress has to be tailored just right. Like this dress! The dress in the photo above has the perfect up and down appearance while not bulging or pulling on any part of my midsection. Let me tell ya, that never happens!!! I need it in every color because I’m already dreaming of wearing it every day this Summer.

I’ve been complaining about not having a go-to store for basic plus size clothing for years, and I think I’ve finally found it! The pieces I received from T.S. Fux were instant favorites. The simplicity of the designs lends itself to trying out new accessories and I can imagine wearing layers of bangles and beautiful necklaces with each piece. My little fat heart could just burst over having a reliable, tailored, set of basics. I’m sure some people overlook the privilege of having access to these kinds of pieces, but it’s something I’ve patiently been waiting for over here in plus size land.

So T.S. Fux makes bad ass clothes that fit people of all sizes in super comfy amazing fabrics, could it be any better? Yes. And it is! This brand believes in inclusivity, creating jobs that provide it’s workers a living wage, and transparency with their customers.

Feeling excited about T.S. Fux and what they offer the plus size clothing market? Me too! Follow the countdown and check back (or follow my instagram) for a special announcement tomorrow!!!

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Friday 26th of May 2017

OMG those jeans are so nice ;-; I *need* to know where you got them!


Friday 26th of May 2017

Hey babe! They're from simply be!


Wednesday 17th of May 2017

I am SOOOO envious of you. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I will buy clothing (because the sales people at Lane Bryant say things look great and things are supposed to fit this way or that way) and end up taking them back. I will put a shirt on and look in a full length mirror and ponder. Then, I will turn to the side and I see a LARGE ROUND BALL. Then, those clothes pieces go back. I wear my jeans big and hoist them up constantly because I cannot EVEN tolerate this muffin top stuff. . How in the heck do you, personally, avoid this?? I see none on you in jeans!!!! Then I have the issue of my top end and my lower end (Legs) are smaller then my middle. Bottoms are loose/big in my thighs/legs/butt because I have to allow for my middle. UGH! THEN tank tops/blouses that FIT (woven) my top half, don't button in the middle. If I go up, I have gaping tops. I am SOOO over this. I end up going to Catherines and grabbing their basic tees and calling it good. Some of the tees that I've picked up at even Lane Bryant feel so fitting and I am terrified of a roll showing.. They go back and I end up with my go-to Catherine's tees. I am lame!!!! LOL I am! But I have no idea how to even fix my muffins and rolls!!! How do you do it??


Friday 19th of May 2017

I am really lucky that designers create patterns that work for your body and I just want to reassure you that this isn't your bodies problem - this is a huge problem that lots of people have with plus size clothing!!!! Tbh, I wear jeans for very short amounts of time - like maybe if I'm going out with friends or just to look cute for a few hours. I would never wear them all day. I wear leggings because those don't feel like they're cutting my tummy in half. Some day, manufacturers will make some dang pants that fit people who are bigger in their midsection - until then LEGGINGS AND JEGGINGS FOREVER

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