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Plus Size Cottagecore Dresses: Embrace the Whimsical Charm

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In the enchanting world of plus size fashion, the cottagecore trend has emerged as a delightful celebration of whimsical aesthetics and nostalgic charm. Whether you’re familiar with cottagecore or just discovering its magic, this blog post will guide you through the realm of plus size cottagecore dresses. We’ll explore why these dresses are perfect for all body types and provide you with a curated list of six fantastic stores where you can find your own dreamy cottagecore attire.

What Is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that emerged as a celebration of rural life, simplicity, and the beauty of nature. Its inspirations include pastoral imagery, romantic literature, and the desire for a slower-paced lifestyle.

The Allure of Plus Size Cottagecore Dresses

Embracing Romanticism and Nostalgia: Cottagecore fashion invites us to indulge in the romance of simpler times, reminiscent of rustic cottages, blooming gardens, and a connection with nature. This aesthetic is characterized by flowing silhouettes, delicate patterns, and vintage-inspired details that exude a sense of charm and tranquility.

Appreciating Versatility and Comfort: Cottagecore dresses offer versatility and comfort for all body types. With adaptable silhouettes, breathable fabrics, and adjustable waistlines, these dresses can accommodate and accentuate curves while allowing effortless movement. They provide a balance of style and practicality, making them perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

Embodying Body Positivity: Cottagecore fashion encourages self-expression and celebrates diverse bodies. Its loose-fitting styles and inclusive designs empower individuals of all sizes to embrace their unique beauty. These dresses not only adapt to different body shapes but also encourage a positive relationship with one’s body, fostering confidence and self-love.

Where to Shop for Plus Size Cottagecore Dresses

Here are six must-see online stores where you can find a wide range of beautiful plus size cottagecore dresses:

Ivy City Co

With an emphasis on floral patterns and muted color palettes, Ivy City Co. dresses bring the essence of nature to life. Delicate blossoms, vintage-inspired florals, and romantic prints adorn their dresses, creating a sense of whimsy and charm. My personal favorite thing about Ivy City Co is their mini-me dresses. You can see my niece and I all dressed up together in this video review on Youtube!


Bloomchic offers a delightful range of cottagecore-inspired dresses designed to embrace your curves and evoke a sense of whimsical charm. From delicate lace trims to charming prints and versatile silhouettes, their dresses exude elegance and romance.


Modcloth is known for offering a wide range of vintage-inspired and whimsical clothing options, including dresses that embody the cottagecore aesthetic. They often feature dresses with flowy silhouettes, floral prints, and charming details that align with the cottagecore style.

Jessa Kae

What sets Jessa Kae apart is their meticulous attention to detail, combining dainty lace, flowing fabrics, and exquisite prints to create enchanting cottagecore pieces that transcend trends. Their designs strike a perfect balance between vintage-inspired aesthetics and contemporary silhouettes, making them versatile for both everyday wear and special occasions. Jessa Kae also prioritizes sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and implementing ethical production practices.

Loud Bodies

Ethical, sustainable, inclusive. Loud bodies is bringing us everything our cottagecore plus size bodies desire. They have frills, easy breezy fabrics, and they care about the customers they’re serving. Loud bodies makes the rural, rustic look of cottagecore look chic and upscale.


Selkie is a whimsical and ethereal brand that captures the essence of dreams and fairytales in their enchanting dresses. Each dress from Selkie tells a story, combining romantic silhouettes, delicate details, and vibrant colors to create truly magical pieces. With their commitment to inclusivity, Selkie offers a range of sizes to celebrate diverse body types. From flowing maxi dresses to playful mini dresses, their collection is designed to make everyone feel like royalty.

Cottagecore fashion is the perfect trend that invites plus size individuals to embrace their love for nature, nostalgia, and whimsical charm. Incorporating these key elements into their wardrobe, you can revel in the beauty of cottagecore aesthetics while celebrating body positivity. With our list of six fabulous online stores, finding the perfect plus size cottagecore dress has never been easier. So, step into the magical!

You can see me try on cottagecore plus size dresses from Ivy City Co in the youtube video below!

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