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Our Favorite Sustainable Plus Size Clothing Brands

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Ok, let’s be real… sustainability has not been the first priority in my plus size shopping. Until recently! The sustainable plus size clothing market has become far more plentiful, which leaves shoppers able to explore their values around consumption. You no longer have to only shop out of necessity, you can choose to put your money with brands that align with your values.

Over the last several years I’ve made a personal commitment to making my own shopping habits more ethical. I have paired down my closet in favor of items that I can wear over and over again, and it feels so good! I find that I love each piece a little bit more, I’m doing less laundry, and I reliably know what I have available to me.

There are several influencers I’ve pulled inspiration from when curating my own closet. Marielle Elizabeth is my forever inspo and makes sustainability and social consciousness feel like a fun adventure instead of a overbearing ethical dilemma. Lydia of Style Is Style is a bright sunny spot in sustainability. Providing plus size outfits with a non-binary slant, each outfit looks like Lydia’s entire being has been channeled into their style. And of course, Aja Barber is a quintessential ethical consumption queen.

Tuesday Of California

Sizes available | 7x-xxs
Price range | $$-$$$

One word comes to mind when I think of this sustainable plus size brand – thoughtful. Tuesday Of California is not just making pieces that are size inclusive, they’re thinking of small details to accommodate more body shapes as well. You’ll see that many of the designs have adjustable components to allow for the garment to meet a variety of body shapes and still look perfect. Using deadstock fabrics, sustainable materials, and sweatshop free production, this is a brand I’m going to be shopping forever.

What Lo Wants

Sizes available | 5x-1x
Price range | $$

What Lo Wants is coming in as our most affordable sustainable plus size clothing brand, and we love that for us! This brand was born from influencer Lo Gray’s desire to create quality pieces for plus sizes without sacrificing the planet or our wallets. The pieces are classic and timeless with a fun flirty edge to them. Use code FATGIRLFLOW for 15% off your order!

Copper Union

Sizes available | 12-38 (custom sizing available)
Price Range | $$-$$$

Copper Union has been a staple on the plus size Portland scene for many years. This plus size sustainable brand makes styles like shirt dresses and oversized crop tops that feel like they weren’t mindlessly graded up from a smaller size, but perfectly worked out on fat bodies. Each piece is fun and ready to be lived in.

Altar PDX

Sizes available | 6x-xs
Price Range | $$$

The Houseline from Altar is the clothing brand on this list that speaks most to my aesthetic and style. Evoking prarie princess in all of their sustainable plus size clothing pieces, I cannot stop buying these damn dresses. The Houseline is lovingly produced right here in the US, using deadstock fabrics. Altar also offers a “pre-loved” section for items that allows shoppers to sell their gently used items. You can see me on instagram prancing around my garden in these sustainable plus size clothing pieces regularly.

Pana Mina

Sizes available | 4x-xxs (custom sizing available)
Price Range | $$-$$$

Pana Mina is a new-to-me sustainable plus size clothing brand based out of Jaipur, India. The team at Pana Mina honors slow fashion practices, while creating a size inclusive line that looks great on everyone. With a special emphasis on the care of the garment workers they employee, Pana Mina is bringing affordable pieces to the sustainable space. You can use code Corissa10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Wray NYC

Sizes available | 6x-xxs
Price range | $$$-$$$$

Wray is your best hip, cool, sustainable plus size clothing friend. The fabrics and patterns they use are on trend, colorful, and meant to be shown off! Wray’s commitment to size inclusivity means that everything in their store comes in their full size range. They’ve even launched a collab with uber-cool plus size influencer Kelly Brown (pictured in the center below).

Reprise Activewear

Sizes | 6X-xs
Price range | $$$

Reprise has long been my sustainable plus size activewear go-to. I love doing yoga in their leggings, but they’re also so incredibly soft they’re just right for a day relaxing on the couch. Their materials are plant based and no joke, these are the softest most durable leggings I have ever worn. Well worth every penny!

Whether you’re just starting to explore making your closet more sustainable, or you’re knee deep in your sustainable plus size clothing adventure – there is something for everyone out here! What are some of the brands you’ve become dedicated to for ethical fashion?

You can watch me try on pieces from several of the brands mentioned above over on youtube!

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Kyrie Hallmark

Wednesday 2nd of August 2023

Hello! Most of these are really out of my price range. I am a teen girl and I need stuff that’s very cute but affordable


Monday 29th of May 2023

This is fantastic! I am familiar with a few of these brands but am always looking for great companies that embrace my size and are sustainable. Thank you!