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Plus Size On The Prarie

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I’m becoming ok with being a Kansas girl. For years, I thought “well, it’s ok if I’m here for now, it’s not my last stop”. It made me feel less naive, less of the person that people judged me to be for being from the Middle Of Nowhere, USA.

People look at you a little funny when you say you’re from Kansas. They give you that kind of “eek” clenched teeth look that makes it apparent they feel bad for you. It makes me feel small. In one look a stranger can manage to make me feel like my accomplishments, my intelligence, and my values are somehow trivial because of my geographical location.

For a long time I thought perhaps I was internalizing my own feelings about where I live. I couldn’t imagine that people were actually judging me for something so silly. Maybe I was ashamed? Maybe I didn’t feel living here really reflected who I am?

Last weekend, my husband and I looked at house in the country just two miles away from where these pictures were taken. I inhaled deep breaths of fresh air, my skin felt warm under the sun but cool to the touch, and my feet has a thin layer of dirt on them when we got home. And I was so so happy.

I don’t know if I’m doing the most good here. I don’t know if maybe there would be more opportunities somewhere else. I do know that I am inspired from a 10 minute drive out of town. I know my heart bursts thinking of how close to all the people I love I am. I know I can always see the stars at night. And I know I’m right where I want to be.

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Sarah Goodin

Sunday 21st of May 2017

I haven't actually even read the post yet, I just saw the outfit and was like 'THAT IS ADORABLE." and wanted to say so! Keep on with your bad self!


Monday 22nd of May 2017

hahaha thank you Sarah!!!! <3


Saturday 18th of March 2017

Being a new visitor, I am still browsing your posts and I LOVE this post. It is so refreshing to read your posts. Thanks!!


Friday 10th of March 2017

Beautifully written. I can relate to this living in Kentucky. Almost 35 and I never thought I'd still be living here but I now enjoy it's quiet simplicity and charm. Maybe I'll move on some day but for now home is still home for me. ? Thanks for sharing.

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