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How To Be Confident In Your Body And Life

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“How can I be confident when the world wasn’t made for me?”

If you’ve been searching for ways to be more confident, this is definitely a question that’s crossed your mind. You’ll hear line after line from gurus telling you to fake it till you make it. Hell, when I google “how to be confident” the first article that pops up talks about “tricking yourself” into feeling confident.

What does confidence really look like? How to we obtain it? Well, it certainly doesn’t start with lying to ourselves. Being confident isn’t unlocked through a mantra or even through the incredible fashion that we spend so much time consuming. And here’s the hard part – confidence isn’t going to change the world around you. The lovely Gabrielle Union said “you can’t love yourself out of oppression.” and she was absolutely right. When the world isn’t made for you, finding your confidence and the ability to love yourself can feel daunting.

We can’t change the world around us, at least not in a day. We can work toward change as a community – and we do! So many of you have shared with me incredible stories of advocating for others, joining body liberation groups, and using your voices for good in our world. But until those changes come, we have to know how to feel grounded in who we are and what we believe in.

Because that’s where confidence comes from. It’s not some fake it till you make it passing feeling. It’s a belief that you are capable. That you are worthy.

“How do I start to believe I’m worthy?”

The beautiful thing about your worth is that it is inherent. You do not have to earn it, you are born into this world with all the worth you need. All we have to do is start seeing that worth to become confident.

Confidence isn’t earned, it’s learned. It’s a skill that we work on throughout our life. And I believe that I’ve put together an easy and comprehensive approach to help you build that skill.

We can find our worth by aligning our actions, behaviors, and thoughts with our truest values. But finding your values isn’t as easy as we may think. It requires a thoughtful approach… and maybe a worksheet or guided meditation by yours truly!

“What makes you think this works?”

Honestly, for a long time I thought maybe I had just unlocked some secret confidence within myself. It wasn’t until my friends and family began telling me that they were learning from me and finding the same confidence and body liberation within themselves, that I started to think the “secret” wasn’t so secret at all. It’s within all of us. It’s a skill we build, and I want to help you cultivate that same feeling toward you!

I’ve lived it. I know how difficult it is to fight against a world that insists you don’t belong. I created this guide to help lead you through the steps I have personally taken to find true body liberation. It’s called Full Circle Body Liberation; a practical course designed to help you start changing your thoughts about your body so that you can feel like you’re working with your body, when so much of our life can feel like we’re working against it.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about fatphobic, shitty language in this course. You’re safe here. Your identity, the various roles you take on in your day to day life, they’re all seen and brought into the light in this course. You don’t have to sacrifice one part of yourself to save another. That only leads to discontentment, and I want you to be done with that!

“What about this price tag?”

I’m going to be real with you – there is nothing in this course that I haven’t probably said somewhere on my social media in the past. There’s 10 years of youtube videos, instagram posts, interviews, and blog posts out there that talk about these concepts in bits and pieces. Even with all that information out there you’re asking “how do I make all these pieces of my life work in harmony with my body?”. How do we feel satisfied, loved, successful, in a world where we get constant feedback that our bodies aren’t enough? How can we possibly feel good about ourselves when every obstacle seems like an impossible hurdle to jump?

This guide is created to address that in a clear and concise way. To put every ounce of information you could possibly need right at your fingertips (and on your phone!). And it’s there to revisit as often as you need- without going through years of social media posts and piecing it all together! You’ll have worksheets that prompt you to dig deeper and will provide you with more clarity. Along with planner pages with check-ins that you can use as often as you need when life seems to be getting out of whack and you need a little realignment. You get 6 guided meditations that you can listen to every time you need a reminder of what you’ve learned and how to implement it. And those are just the bonuses!

You’ll have access to our community on Circle where you can ask me personalized questions regarding your journey to body liberation. And, of course, you’ll have the 7 course modules available to you any time you need them.

I am so proud of our Full Circle Body Liberation course – I know that it’s going to be invaluable to those of you who participate. For those of you who have been alongside me throughout this journey over the last 10 years, THANK YOU! This course was influenced by years of growing with each other, through intentional conversations, and unpacking our shit together. For folks who are new, welcome! If you’ve ever wished you could find the “secret” hidden behind all those confident magical humans you know, ‘Where do they get it? What makes them so confident?’ I hope you’ll sign up for the course, jump into our community, and start living your life to the fullest in the body you have right now!!!

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