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  1. ALL I ever want to wear these days are t-shirt dresses and shift dresses. The baggier the better! I get to have that flowy, beautiful dress, too!
    Everyone else’s opinion of me has NOTHING to do with me. Also I want this dress so bad.

  2. Yes!
    Flattering is also universally used as shaming commentary. “That is such a flattering top!” Like flattering has to be the goal if skinny isn’t – it’s still about minimizing your body and trying to make it fit an ideal.
    Just wear the clothes you love!!

  3. Yes to oversized clothes I love this outfit so much and getting oversized items in plus sizes is not always easy. I no longer care for flattering clothes if I like something I wear it. xx

  4. Good morning Karissa, I just wanted to take this time to tell you how much I love your YouTube. I must tell you that I am 63 years old with magenta hair I was exactly like you when I was younger. Your humor is great there’s only one thing I might suggest please tell the price of the item to show. I wish you all the best your oldest fan LOL I would love to hear from you

    1. Hi Deborah!!!! I LOVE that you watch my Youtube and identify with me. I hope I have magenta hair when I’m 63 😀 I have told myself to mention prices more often in my videos and always forget, I will definitely work on it! Thanks for all the love <3 <3 <3

  5. I used to spend so much time trying to find “flattering” clothing. As a fat person, that usually meant tight clothing so I could “show off” my waist or stuff that was carefully designed to hide my belly and back rolls.

    Then one day I was just like, fuck it, Fuck flattering. None of my “flattering” clothes were even very comfortable. I want to wear a top that doesn’t make me feel like I have to constantly suck in my stomach. I want to wear clothing that doesn’t dig into me if I bend over. You know what? I AM fat. I’m not going to put on some magic dress and suddenly no one will realize I’m fat. I’m not a magical fat person without fat rolls or dimples. So now I wear comfortable clothing that I love and that makes me happy, and flattering can go fuck itself.

  6. I loved this I Love your confidence and you have given me something to think about wow happy I found this blog

  7. I just found your website and it’s so positive! I love that you don’t care what others think and you wear whatever you want as long as you like it! You look super cute in this dress and it looks so fun!

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