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  1. Love those boots, but I couldn’t find them at Simply Be. Wish I knew what they were called! Beautiful dress, looks amazing on you.

  2. Alright, you’re making me wanna try eShakti again even though I still kinda hate them for never giving me a refund. This dress is ridiculously cute on you!!!!

    1. They do look alike!!!! I of course do not know the Author of the book personally, but very often fabric creators actually pay illustrators for the rights to use their designs. I hope that it was not stolen and was properly paid for.

  3. Ahhh nooooo… the do not ship to germany …. this dress looks so great on you!! They have really nice stuff…so maybe its for the better, they do not ship here, because…. pooof…there would go my money 😀

  4. How wide is the calf on that boot? I have such a hard time finding good fitting boots. My calf is 20′ but I wear a 91/2 sometimes 10 shoe. None of the boots on SimpleBe have the calf measurements. So I was just wondering if you could give me that one. Thank you in advance I really wish Eshakti was in my price range. That dress looks amazing on you!! Have a wonderful day!!

  5. I am a big huge eshakti fan. I have six dresses, a trench coat, and now this dress is on the way to me thanks to you. With a sweetheart neckline, cap sleeves and midi length. Thanks for featuring it- it’s gorgeous. I am also a Dia girl thanks to your recommendation!!!

  6. Man, I’d just really like to know how all the fatshion bloggers can afford dresses like these. And…actually own several of them. I can barely justify spending the money for ONE of them. I’m constantly adding stuff to my wishlists to buy when I can splurge but then they all sell out because apparently every fat girl is freaking rich and buys them all before I can ever even dream of owning them. So disappointing.

    1. Hey Rachel,
      A lot of bloggers (myself included) get stuff sent to us for free. I always mention when I’ve been given something for free, thought some people don’t. I think you make a good point, that fashion should be more accessible for people. It’s something I’m working toward on my blog. I would like to start showing people more affordable options. If there’s any other kinds of improvements you’d like to see, please feel free to let me know!

  7. I LOVE this dress! Just watched your haul last night and HAD to get it! I also had a $40 coupon and today’s site is 25% 1 item…so it’s only $50 and SO worth it! I have two other pieces from eshakti that I like. 🙂 I’d love to buy more from them, but all my extra $$ goes to torrid, lol.

  8. I’m curious – what do you use for undergarments? I have wicked big thighs, and I lloovveee to wear dresses, but the chafing KILLS me – by the end of the day, I have huge, red, sore welts!! Sometimes I try to wear shorts underneath, but it’s not too cute with dresses that are cut a bit shorter. Any advice?

    1. I actually swipe some deodorant between my thighs when I’m wearing dresses!!! I carry a thing of it around in my purse too. Usually dove deodorant. It helps your legs glide smoothly so that they don’t chafe! <3

  9. So they sold out of this dress before I got up the courage to try eShakti for the first time! But I just ordered 5 dresses for less than $200 (including shipping!)! I’m so nervous though because buying online is always such a crap shoot. Everyone sizes differently, and even when you go by the size chart, things can go very wrong. Send me some good fatshion ju-ju!

    1. I’M SENDING YOU SO MANY GOOD FASHION VIBES!!!! recently E-shakti released a “it will fit!” kind of guarantee. It used to be when you got something customized they couldn’t take it back but now they assure you that they will get the fit right for you, which is amazing. I am crossing my fingers that everything fits perfectly the first time!!!! tag me in any pics youpost on social media of you wearing the dresses! I’d love to see!!!!! <3

  10. i have to say I’m a HUGE eshakti fan. i have several pieces from them and my trick has usually been to order specific things that have a greater chance of working on my body shape. I always look for the smocking details (i actually wish they’d add that as a customize option) or stretchy fabrics (although be forewarned their knits are medium-heavy weight, not super cool for hot summer days). i’m surprised to hear about people having issues with getting a credit or refund, i’ve only had to do it twice but both times i found their customer service to be top knotch.

  11. The fact that you can customize these dresses with such ease is awesome. It really makes it easier for you to find a dress you will love! Thanks for sharing this!

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