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  1. This dress looks stunning on you. I’ve watched all your you tube videos and being a big girl myself ive always looked for clothes to cover my belly and arms. Your confidence has really inspired me and Ive now started looking at different clothes for myself. At 45 I’m quite a bit older than you but so wish your videos were around when I was younger then maybe I’d lived a little more. Keep doing your thing love karen uk

    1. Thank you for the love Karen. I am always so honored that I can help women closer to my own age. Self love is something we deal with during every stage of life and I’m just happy that I can join you in your journey <3

  2. How do you feel about the fabrics? Part of my hesitation with GB has been the prevalence for synthetic fabrics. I love soft textures, jersey knits, cotton, well loved linen, etc.

    1. They have a lot of cotton options. I don’t love synthetic fibers either, but they have SO many options there’s really plenty for you to choose through that includes nice fabrics. I got a beautiful hippy embroidered top that was cotton and I could tell it had been worn a bit and it was just so comfy and amazing and ughhhhh… it was from the brand Johnny Was which is a suuuuper expensive brand that I could never afford. It was lovely!

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