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Another Day, Another Plus Size Sweater

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Another Day, Another Plus Size Sweater //

Another Day, Another Plus Size Sweater //

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Another Day, Another Plus Size Sweater //

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Another Day, Another Plus Size Sweater //


Another Day, Another Plus Size Sweater //

Another Day, Another Plus Size Sweater //

*This post contains affiliate links

I’m not afraid of horizontal stripes, and never will be. They’re cute as hell and anyone with any body should be wearing them (if they like them). And the idea that fat people have to always wear “flattering” clothes is something I don’t much adhere to either. I love a big baggy plus size sweater. I don’t want to hide my belly bulge in my jeans. I just want to be comfortable and feel stylish, like every other babe on the planet.

I feel sooooo good in this outfit. I feel like myself. It’s amazing how often I do not feel like that. It’s almost shocking to me how frequently I feel like I’m settling for clothes that I think are just “ok” because that’s what’s available to me. And if I feel that way I’m sure a lot of my readers do too.  I mean, I have access to clothes from different companies that want to work with me and I’m really lucky to get to try different brands out. I know that most people don’t have that privilege. Still, even with all the access I have I constantly feel a little left behind in the fashion world. So when I feel like I found things that I truly love, I just want to make sure I exclaim it!

Recently, Fashion to Figure extended some of their sizes for their jeans up to 26. I have a couple pairs of size 24s that are just slightly too snug, so I sized up when I got this pair and tried out their new extended size. They’re really great. They’re slightly high waisted, a little stretchy, soft, and reasonably priced. You can check out a video of me trying on the jeans, and other FTF products on my YouTube Channel if you’d like. I really hope that brands continue to consider extending their size ranges, it just feels so damn good to be able to shop confidently at a store you enjoy.

ps- shoutout to the fat girls with flat asses

Sweater – Studio Untold (xxl)
Jeans – Fashion To Figure (size 26)
Booties – Amazon
Bag – Similar: (pricey // cheap)
Nails – Nina Ultra Pro

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Noelle Mettille

Tuesday 2nd of February 2016

Whoever came up with that "no horizontal stripes" rule can do rude things to themselves. How can we be expected to ONLY dress in things that are slimming and hide our flaws? Does such a thing even exist? People need to stop thinking about our bodies as things that need to be camouflaged into something less offensive and start thinking of them as the marvelous human bodies that they are.