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Stylish Plus Size Workwear

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Who says the workday can’t be chic and pretty? Somedays, you just want to look like you walked out of a rom-com and with these plus size workwear pieces from your capsule closet, you can make that happen.

Boho Plus Size Blouse

Man, who doesn’t love a flowy top? Are you totally into the sweetheart style or do you like to keep it modern with mixed patterns? Whatever your choice ends up being- there is nothing that says “I’m smart, yet adorable” like flowy shirts at work.

Edgy Plus Size Leather Jacket

Okay, so we already know you’re cute and professional-but nothing says you’re with the trends quite like a leather jacket. It’s also ALWAYS COLD in offices. That’s just a fact. Good thing Torrid and Elloqui got you covered.

Perfect Plus Size Pencil Skirt

Skirts are the best because they make it look like you put in a ton of effort, but really, you just didn’t want to put on jeans. We love a pencil skirt but we also can’t get over fun patterns and cool silhouettes. Just don’t forget your anti-chafing products!


By now, you know the drill! Choose what works for you/what inspires you! Or choose some barrettes to keep your bangs back when you don’t wanna wash your hair. What do you pair with your plus size workwear wardrobe?

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