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My Summer Uniform And… Cats.

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This is what my life looks like most weekends. The cats, and the nursery, and the cute country atmosphere, those are all pretty standard. The makeup and the posing next to the cute succulents is a little bit less normal.

I’ve been on a mission to find my most comfortable every day outfit. I love wearing dresses for the ease, but there’s something about jeans that make me feel prepared for anything! I feel like I can go from gardening to a picnic to hanging out on the couch to running around with my niece, all without an outfit change when I wear jeans.

But I’ve got this big belly (that I love), and most jeans sit right at my midsection making me feel like I’m being cut in half. I struggle to get comfy in jeans some times which is a huge bummer because look how cute they are! 

I have a few pairs of go-to jeans that I’ve listed inanother post, and I’m excited to say I’m adding another brand! RWN by Rawan sent me the pair I’m wearing above and they are soooo comfy and soft. I spent the whole day in them didn’t freak out about getting cut in half even once!

What’s your standard weekend outfit? Am I the only one panicked when jeans aren’t comfy? Tell me about your fave Summer outfit in the comments!

Tank Top | Jeans | Boots (similar) | Handbag (no longer made – similar version) | Hat

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Monday 5th of June 2017

Loving the jeans so much ... except no international shipping ? ... its tough finding comfy stylish jeans in Australia that go above a 22-24!!

We are just heading into winter down here so all the summer outfits have been put away but I tend to live it cute dresses during the summer months. It gets too hot for anything else LOL


Tuesday 6th of June 2017

ARRRRGHHHHHHH international shipping should be mandatory!!!! lol


Friday 2nd of June 2017

Checking out that website, I LOVE the look of those skinny jeans. I love skinny jeans but for some reason it's hard to find a pair that isn't all loosey goosey in the ankle. My dream summer outfit is any basic maxi dress that I can just throw on and never think about anything else at all.