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  1. Great job!
    I rarely shop my local brick and mortar F21 because of similar conditions. However, the next time I am in the mall I will be taking photos and sharing!

  2. I posted the link to your first letter on the Forever 21 facebook, along with my own comments (basically agreeing with you). They replied with the exact same comment, just a different name and without the part about the active line. I agree with you about the type of response it is. I would have liked to have heard exactly how they plan to address this. What are they going to do to change the layout of their stores, when are they going to put plus sizes in all their stores (none of the ones in my city – a big city at that – have them), how are they going to promote the line, etc. This just seems like a form letter they send to all complaints, with blanks filled in.

      1. Me too, I wear what would be a 8x and I can’t find anything cute in stores, it all has to be ordered or made.

  3. Are they saying that you should exercise to not be plus size? It seems like a slick sideways comment that people tend to make when fat people have a concern. If you exercise then you could shop with the rest of everyone. Maybe I’m looking too deep into it, but instead of really addressing your problem they started talking about some activewear.

  4. Have you been to Maurice’s? I don’t know if there is one near you but they just opened in my home state and have regular and plus sizes – stylish clothes and excellent service.

  5. Hi,
    While trying to confirm via website that Forever21 had added a plus size section at another location, I came across your open letter. While reading it, I was trying to imagine the last Forever 21 I went to and if it was like you had described the store you patroned. Have to agree w/you thinking back it was on the first floor but in a corner. However, I will admit clothes were neatly in order. With that being said,, today I visited Forevet 21 in Downtown San Francisco and walked to the back where I last knew the plus sizes located.. Well, to my dismay not only are the plus clothing moved to the 3rd floor it is exactly as you described your experience at the store you went to.. Not only were the clothes not coordinated, it almost looked like a rummage sale.. I might be exaggerating on the rummage sale look a little but clearly I’m not exaggerating on how the plus size area looked..The clothes there looked back dated, unmaintained. I picked up a few blouses that had stains..Seriously, no lie.. I saw a dressing room sign that had a clothes rack blocking it with an overflow of clothes not only on the rack but a pile thrown on top of the rack.. I said all that to say, there has been no change/improvement from Froever 21. My opinion it’s worse.

    The plus size section has moved from the first floor where there is more visibility to the 3rd floor with minimum visibility.. I was there over 40 minutes and not one staff asked me if I needed assistance. Matter of fact, I didnt see a staff member excluding the custodian who was mopping. He was pleasant. Other than that, nobody. Your letter was in the back of my mind all the time I was desperately trying to find something. Bottom line, this store for the plus size is not worth wasting your time..

    After reading your letter and experiencing it today for myself, Forever 21 will only be a choice during desperation and that will only be online not in the store..

    Thank you for bringing this to my & others attention..


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