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Dia&Co sent me some really lovely stuff and I decided to make a video about it! My YouTube channel is new and I’m not sure where it’s gonna go, but if you wanna join me that’d be cool! Let me know what you think about the occasional video on my blog regarding plus size fashion or fat positivity and maybe I’ll post more here too! Yay new media!!!

If you have any suggestions for videos you’d like to see on my channel, you’re more than welcome to tell me about those too!

Thanks to Dia&Co for the opportunity to do this review!

ps- there is cursing in this video so it may not be something appropriate while you’re at work or in front of kiddos <3


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Saturday 17th of December 2016

I also love my Dia and Co subscription. I want to add that they really send you things that match the style you ask for. So if you watched the video and were like, man that stuff is cute but I'm an old boring person who would never wear a white polka dot tutu, never fear because they will send you stuff that is your style. They really have a huge variety of things and do a good job matching what you say you want. I even made crazy weird restrictions like that I don't wear sleeveless and I don't wear skirts that are above my knee and they STILL come through with adorable work appropriate clothes for me every month. Give them a try people! Recommend to your friends. Businesses like this will only stay in business if they make money, so I definitely want to support them.


Sunday 11th of September 2016

Just found you, and I really enjoyed your "unboxing"! You are so lovely and such an inspiration. Thank you!!


Thursday 16th of June 2016

I've just discovered you and needed you in my life around 5 years ago. Better late than never. The white polka dot tutu skirt--- did you keep it? I am dying to find one like it, so if you know the label, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for being you!


Thursday 16th of June 2016

I literally JUST donated it the other day I'm sorry!!!! Society+ has some great tutu's!!! WELCOME TO THE SITE!!!! xoxoxo


Tuesday 16th of February 2016

I signed up months ago for new work clothing. I'm so busy I haven't had time to shop. I have been second guessing it because I have a time finding ting things. Not only because I'm picky lol. Thanks for the review I'm convinced. And I love junarose so much !!!!


Thursday 4th of February 2016

Loved the floral dress!! Do you know what brand it was??


Thursday 4th of February 2016

It's Junarose!!! <3