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Plus Size Crop Top: My Quiet Accomplishment

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Plus Size Coziness //

Plus Size Coziness //

Plus Size Coziness //

I’ve found my go-to outfit for the fall. I think it may be shockingly close to last year’s go-to look, and I’m ok with that. There’s something about having a little tummy showing in the Fall that does it for me. Like a soft “fuck you” to the idea that my body has to be totally covered at all times.

When I began this blog I had a goal to wear a plus size crop top out in public. I don’t even know when I started doing it, but one day I realized that I had regularly been wearing crop tops with tight jeans. I meet new friends in crop tops, I go to the grocery store in crop tops, I see people stare at my belly in a crop top, I happily exist in crop tops. And it just happened. Nothing monumental or life altering happened to make me ok with wearing the tiny tops. I just decided to do it one day, and then did it a couple more times, and then I realized I was taking outfit photos in crop tops and it wasn’t even a thing.

My body positivity looks like that a lot. It looks slow and steady. It looks like a lot of unlearning, and some times the re-learning isn’t quite as apparent. My values have changed, and my peace with my body has grown, but there’s no next-level plane of existence that I’ve suddenly elevated to. I think this is what loving your body looks like. I think it’s calm and ever changing. I think it opens you up to understanding how people in other bodies experience things. I think it asks you to be aware in your relationships with yourself and how that may also effect others. Most of the time those things aren’t tangible. So here I am, in all my plus size crop top glory, taking a moment to celebrate the outward appearance of all the inner work I’ve done. It feels good.

Shawl | Crop Top | Jeans | Boots

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Suki Miles

Friday 18th of November 2016

I love this outfit it really suits you. The boots are fab and the shawl is lovely too.

Connie Clover

Monday 24th of October 2016

Hello I think you are so informative and you truly put yourself out there. Love that you share your high and lows because that is life. You have inspire me to do my own channel and I would like if you could check it out and give me your honest opinion. Thank you for your time and I wish I had know someone like you when I was growing up. A lot of moments of pain, loneliness and misunderstood would have been less of impact in my youth.

Youtube channel is Connie Clover aka Connie's Cuddles


Sunday 23rd of October 2016

I'm curious about sizing for the f2f jeans. I wear the same sizes as you, so I'm wondering what sizes your jeans run with this brand. I'd like to give them a shot, I love how they look so flattering!


Sunday 23rd of October 2016

I wear a size 26 in their jeans and they are SUPER comfy and I would say even on the slightly loose side? Like they're definitely a jean that I am not afraid of shrinking in the dryer!