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Plus Size Babydolls ||

Plus Size Babydolls ||

Plus Size Babydolls ||

Plus Size Babydolls ||

Plus Size Babydolls ||

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? It’s basically a shirt that tricks you into thinking it’s a dress… until I bend over even slightly and you see the glory that is my granny-panty covered rear end… then you are reassured that it is, in fact not a dress at all. And that is what we call the “babydoll”. Call me a rebel, but there’s something about having a butt cheek hang out of my dresses that I am just really into.

To be fair to the babydoll, I am 5’8″ and most plus size clothing is made for someone a couple inches shorter than me. And also I wash all my clothes on devils volcanic water river temperature and have never turned my dryer off of all the fucking way up heat cycle, so I probably lost about an inch on this bad boy after the first wear.Technically a babydoll is just a dress that’s above the knees with a high waist hemline. Booty cheek peeking out is not required.

I thought I’d show you guys a couple of my favorite babydolls for the season, what do you think? Are you nodding with approval? Great!

Plus Size Babydolls ||

Paisley Print Dress by Forever 21+ Up to size 3X

What am I wearing?
Dress – SimplyBe
Shoes – Dansko
Sunglasses – Proud Mary Fashions 

Turns out these sweet little dresses come in all sorts of different styles, and I love them all! What do you think? Do you have a favorite plus size babydoll this season?

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