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Pretty Pink Plus Size Dress

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Perfect In Pink //

Perfect In Pink //

I’ve been feeling like myself lately! February is winding down, and spring is around the corner! We found this beautiful copper building close to our house, and the sun was setting and the skies were the most gorgeous orange and pink hues, and I just felt so pretty. I love when that happens. Some days, it just all comes together and you feel like maybe your hair and your makeup and your clothes have not completely wronged you. They have righted you! They so so righted you!

I haven’t bought a new bag in so long. I’m a little bit picky about my purses and I would rather carry around my debit card and my phone in my hand than carry a handbag that I’m not totally obsessed with. Yes, I lose my debit card constantly, and yeah maybe I look a little bit like a 14 year old, but it’s better than carrying around a subpar handbag! I’m totally kidding. It’s strange that I won’t just shove my stuff in a bag and let it go. It’s not completely rational, and I accept that. But on the bright side, that irrational behavior led me to hours spent on Amazon to find the most perfect, gorgeous, so-my-style, bag in existence! What I’m saying is, I like this bag a lot. The leather reminds me of something that a saddle (yeah ya’ll… for a horse!) would be made of. Like a little femme cowboy’s dream.

Oh yeah! If you haven’t shopped the Ellos line at you for sure need to check it out! It goes up to a size 36 and they have adorable clothes like this pretty pink plus size dress I’m wearing here! They’re probably the most reasonably priced and stylish line that goes beyond size 30 that’s out there right now. I’m super into them!

Oh my, what a fun little fashion focused post! See you soon!

Dress – c/o FullBeauty (size 2x)
Jacket – Torrid (size 4)
Handbag – c/o Amazon

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Friday 19th of February 2016

Why didn't I even think about full beauty! I love them. I'm not a pink wearer but suport beautiful woman in pink. But this whole nude color scheme fashion rush going on i will get a blush outfit all because you're too cute in it. lol love your blog !


Friday 19th of February 2016

You look adorable! I am dying for a jean jacket ever since you've been rocking yours!

This is totally random, but I had some time to kill last weekend waiting for a friend so I checked out a Burlington Coat Factory store in the shopping center. I haven't been in one since I was a kid and I wasn't sure what to expect, but they had a fairly large plus-section and SO MANY CUTE CLOTHES! I tried on at least 15 dresses and tops and ended up late to meet my friend! Lots of cute, office appropriate dresses, plus lots of fun stuff too. I found a beautiful silk dress/bathing suit cover (I'm wearing it as a dress though! I don't care!) for $10. And I would have bought more if I had more money! Anyway not sure how they are across the country - maybe I just lucked out - but it might be worth a shot! I saw sizes go up to 4x.


Friday 19th of February 2016

we don't have one in my town, but I definitely need to check it out the next time I'm near one!!! !

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