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  1. Love, love, love! I got my first bikini last year, the most modest bikini you ever did see, and I only got to wear it once, but I revelled in it. And the only comment I got was from my niece who said it was cute. (I love my family.) That one is a little snug – it looks okay but the elastic has a death grip on me, so this year I’ve added two more that fit better. I’m giddily anticipating our beach vacation in June when I’ll get to show them off! They’re still pretty modest, partly because my pale, sensitive skin is prone to getting random red spots across my belly, and partly because I’m still a little afraid. It’s been thirty years since that much of my body was visible in public. So I’m really looking forward to being inspired by your bikini posts!

  2. I can’t wait to watch the video when I get home, the pictures are amazing! I grew up athletic, had some family issues happen to bring me down, I turned a boy down and be harassed me endlessly and I started bingeing. It’s amazing how quickly it can happen when you’re not even paying attention!

  3. Corissa, thank you. Thank you for being so real, and open, and honest with all of us. More importantly though, thank you for pushing me into my own self love journey. Ever since I’ve found your youtube channel, and then your blog, I’ve been able to reach a point in my life where I’m no longer apologetic for my body. It’s silly that it takes another person to push us to that sometimes, but you were that catalyst for me. There’s a whole lot worse things someone can be in this world other than fat, and we’d all do good to remember that.

    1. I totally understand. I’m lucky that I had an awesome group of people that pushed me into it as well. We all start somewhere, and representation is so important and essential to self love. Funny how when we’re shown that people like us can do something we believe we can also <3 <3 <3

  4. It breaks my heart that society’s expectations start bearing down on us at such a young age. But that’s why it so important that we’re out there everyday working to change that expectation, so girls don’t have to live like that anymore. Thank you for all you do to make that happen!

  5. I finally bought a bikini—very modest. I am 58. Backyard only. Tell me where to get the cure coverup–the black sheerone with the the flowers on the lapel.

    I have watched you on youtube and you have given me the courage to try new clothes. get this, I wore a sleeveless tank this weekend.

    I wish that I had mentors like you when i was younger. I feel so honored and happy to have found you. I have a fashion mentor!

    Thank yu so much. you are doing great work for the world!

  6. I’m going on vacation to the beach soon. Just bought my first bikini (of my adult life) thanks to the encouragement from you and my other favorite body positive peeps…but I’m still scared to death to wear it in public!! I’m SO self-conscious about my stomach. 🙁 Years of being told to hide my fat are hard to overcome.

  7. I had to follow up… I’m going on vacation in 2 days and I’m not only wearing that one bikini, but I’ll be rocking the SECOND bikini I bought as well!! 🙂 🙂 Thank you, Corissa, for giving me the confidence and strength to be my beautiful self as I am RIGHT NOW. XOXOXO

  8. I was always the biggest, tallest girl in the class, positioned in the back, middle of every class photo. There were not a lot of options for plus sizes in Canada at the time. I had to wear jogging suits to school or anything else I could find with flexible sizing. I didn’t have a lot of peers that looked like me. It made me feel so alone and isolated.

  9. I have to tell you that I bought my first (and second) bikini since high school or before – more than 20 years ago! I got one from Kohl’s and one from Simply Be (this one is RED!). My plan – courage and weather permitting – is to wear one at the beach this 4th of July weekend. By the way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Simply Be uses bra sizing for the bikini tops. That makes it SO much easier to get the correct size on the first try via online shopping.

  10. I love everything about you. Can I say that without anyone getting weird about it? Because I don’t mean it in a weird (i.e. sexual, which isn’t weird, but you know what i mean) way. You’re just an amazing, wonderful, gorgeous woman!

  11. a 58 year disabled woman 240lbs i prefer skirts ,long .iam wheelchair bound wouldlike tosee more wheelchair fashion.

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