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  1. I love that suede skirt. Getting fall vibes from it, could be a good season transition piece.

  2. This is my first summer where I’m not covering myself in long pants and cardigans because I’m just chilly all the time*. I’m loving SHORTS! And DRESSES! And going *gasp* SLEEVELESS!! This is all due in no small part to you and people like you who are showing me what it is to be fat and free!!

    *not chilly, not in Kansas in August. Read, instead, self-conscious all the time.

  3. OMG, that skirt is so cute! I HATE customs fees when buying from the US as I’m a tight bitch but maaaaaaaaan, if I wasn’t going to get impaled financially I would buy that skirt. You look amazing in it! <3 xx

    Just Me Leah

    1. lolol “impaled financially”. I honestly hate that I am constantly showing clothes that so many people don’t have access to without wild ass customs fees.

  4. Hi , I am Brazilian and my name is Leila , I found your videos and I keep watching , you ‘re beautiful , powerful , high spirits … makes me stronger and more beautiful. In August I will visit your country , and I’m doing some online shopping, and I guide myself for you, because I think our body is very similar , so was wondering if you you care to spend your waist measurements , bust and hips to see if I’m buying the right way of clothing . For I am basing myself on you . If you find very particular and want to send me email feel free .. . And know that if it were to Kansas would make a point of at least one close to each other we take selfie . Kiss.

  5. Can I ask you where you got the ‘Fresh’ t-shirt? I love that retro/vintage style, but it’s hard to find plus size clothing in that style 🙁

  6. Hi – I’m Tiffany. You look amazing.

    I so wish I wa’s living in US – the variety of clothing available there is great.
    UK is w-a-a-a-a-y behind.

    Ré wind catching skirts/dresses – I find swing something into hem like a metal washer often helps – it acts as a weight..
    Depends on material and cut though.
    Living in Scotland you learn these things.

    Indeed our royal family do similar–Outfits-curtain-weights-sewn-hem.html

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